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Friday, 22 October 2010

They always comes in Three's.

Hi Friends.

The title of this posting will be come apparent as you read on.
It all began after we moored up for the night last night. As you know after a hard days work, you want nothing more but to enjoy an evening of relaxation, a nice meal and a good hot shower. One out of three was what I got last night. I had a nice dinner and did relax in front of the TV, but the shower was anything but hot. There was I all prepared for my hot shower to relax the tired muscles from humping coal around, but as I turned on the tap alls I got was an icy cold blast of cold water. No amount of fiddling with the temperature tap made the slightest bit of difference. Keith even played with the tap, but there was no sign of hot water, so it looks like the thermostat has broken grrr. I had to settle for a good wash down and my Pj's. The sunset last night was something to behold it looked very moody, just like me after a cold shower.This morning we were awake with the Larks, not that I could hear the Larks over the road noise coming from the M1. I had been awake on and off throughout the night, and the sound of the road was never quiet, it just roared all night, like some angry monster. So at 6am I made a cuppa and sat in bed still listening to the traffic speeding a long the M1. We are not going to moor in the same place next time, we think we have found a quieter place, which we can get in.
We set off at 8.50am and the first sight of the morning was a Shepherd and his pair of sheep dogs rounding up the flock. It was a sight to behold seeing the dogs working to bring in the flock. The farmer never once leaving his landrover to shout instructions. I do not think Paddy would be any use at herding sheep, despite the fact that he came from a working farm.
It was a beautiful morning for cruising, and not as cold as it had been on the two previous mornings. The sun was really quite warm on my shoulders. As we had supplied coal to all our customers yesterday, we did not expect to do any trade today, but were pleasantly suprised to have Two new customers today and One regular customer who we did not supply yesterday as they were on the move. I get great joy at meeting new people and hearing their stories of why they came to live on the canal.
Although we have had another longish day today, 6hrs 35mins, it was a lovely autumnal day. Now this is where I come to the second of the three things that always come along together. Soon after we set off Keith noticed the ignition light was on and a quick check showed that the starter alternator belt had broken. Having arrived at Welford Wharf , we sold some coal and then returned back down the arm to the visitor moorings between the marina and Welford lock for the night. Now changing a drive belt should be easy, but no, upon having taken the safety cover off we realised that both of the 2 belts for the domestic alternator and the belt for the remote water pump for the engine had to be taken off first before being able to replace the broken one. Still the procedure was simple enough, and the brand spanking new belt was soon fitted and working. Makes us glad we carry spares for such emergencies, which of course makes them not an emergency, but my worry now is what will the third thing be to go wrong arghhhhhhh. Here is another photograph of a Kingfisher which I took this afternoon. I literally saw it at the last minute because the fish it is trying to eat was flashing in the sunshine. This has to be one of the best photographs of a Kingfisher I have taken. I am now off to make us some dinner and then spend the evening doing very little.

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