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Sunday, 31 October 2010

The last day of October.

Hi Folks.

So who forgot to put their clocks back an hour in the UK?

We did ours before heading off to bed, that way we know that we will not forget to do it.
Saturday ended with a rather nice sunset, which I could see from the galley. Obviously our body clocks were not at all happy with the change because we were awake at 5.30am and as per-usual we were sat in bed drinking tea. The topic of conversation was all about storage boxes and where to get some strong ones to hold all our spare parts for the boat. It is odd the things you chat about whilst in bed, especially at such an early hour. We did settle back down and try to nod off, but I was so wide awake that I just lay snuggled under the duvet and thought about the seasons.
Why on earth were you thinking about the seasons I hear you ask?
Well it is officially the end of the British Summer time today, so Autumn is now here and Winter will follow on closely. I then got to thinking that actually my life has been made up of the seasons. From birth to the end of my teens was my Spring. From the end of my teens until the end of my Thirties I class as my Summer. From my 40th year until I guess my 60th year will be my Autumn and from then on it will be my Winter, when I will be slowing down and relaxing into old age. I can get very philosophical at times. I think certain things that have happened in my life have made me this way.
There was no way I was going to go back to sleep, so I decided that I was getting up and making an early start to the days chores. As I opened the galley doors to the outside world it was clear to see that we had a heavy mist hanging over us, and the sheep grazing in the field opposite. I was just putting the Perspex window in when a flash of blue sped past me. It was one of the local Kingfishers going about its business. Before breakfast Paddy got his walk up the towpath as always and then I had my breakfast on my return to the boat.
Before relighting the back cabin stove, Keith wanted to check the oil level in the gearbox. I threw the rag rugs out of the back doors and before putting them on the roof, I gave them a good shake. Although I love rag rugs they do tend to trap the dirt. Keith lifted the back cabin floor and it was a good job he checked the gearbox oil because it was low. Having topped up the oil, we put the floor back down and I replaced the rugs. I then went off to the sanitary station to empty the cassette and get rid of rubbish. As I walked across the car park, I noticed something laying on the floor, so went over to investigate. Someone had left a pair of dark Blue socks behind, which seemed very odd. With the thought that this person may actually come back for them, I hung them over a railing. It does seem an odd thing to leave behind. There must be someone out there with very cold feet.
By the time I got back to the boat Keith was chatting with a Youngman who has just bought his first boat and wanted some help with what coal to burn. He had no idea about fires or coal, so having discussed the coal he would be better off using, it became apparent that he was struggling with his stove, so I offered to show him how to use his stove efficiently and how to keep it in over night. The poor guy was also having problems with his batteries, which I could not help with, but another boater came along and was able to jump start his boat for him. It always happens in three’s as I have said in a previous posting and it happened to him because his dogs lead broke. I told him the only way is now up.
Customers came to buy coal and kindling and as I popped in and out to supply them, I also made a curry for tonight’s dinner. That is now cooking in the back cabin stove, which I did eventually light up again.
It is now 12 noon and Foxton Locks is very busy with walkers, boaters and people just enjoying the last day of October.

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