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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The best start to my day.

Hi Friends old and new.

Tuesday morning and a pleasant start to my day, after a hot night on the boat. Now get your mind out of the gutter. It was hot due to the fact that we had both stoves going. During in the evening, we were a little chilly in the saloon and with it being shower night, I lit the saloon stove, so that we could have a warm shower room. It was so nice to have a shower in the warmth, but the heat built up through the night and at one point Keith got up and opened the slide a little to allow some of the heat out of the back cabin. The back cabin stove is always closed right down over night, so it does not create to much heat, but even that seemed to be working on overtime.
We got up to a nice warm boat and even the water is nice and hot as well. As it was way to early to get up at 6am, I made us the usual cuppa, which we enjoyed in bed. It was gone 8am before we got out of bed. The Foxton mooring is pretty quiet, allbeit for the dogs barking on and off in a neighbouring garden. I am sure they have no idea why they are barking, they just do it for no reason, it must drive the neighbours nuts. Anyway we are off tomorrow, so we are none to bothered.
After Breakfast, I took Paddy for his morning stroll. This time it was up the towpath and out into a field, which has a designated footpath across it. Foxton has some lovely little walks around it. They all have yellow posts marking the routes, so you would never get lost. Pad was off across the field like a loonie and no amount of calling bought him to heel. Once I caught up with him, I discovered that he was paddling in a stream. When I say paddling, I don't mean actually standing in the water, Pad just does not like water that much. He was standing on the bank pawing at the water, as if it was gonna come out and play with him, daft mutt. The views across the field are quiet beautiful and will get better as the leaves change to their Autumn colours.

As we walked back to the boat, I collected sticks for the fire and Paddy had his trained on the ground, something smelt very nice to him. No idea what it was and I actually dread to think what it could have been. Back on board it was time to sort the fires out, so I emptied out the ash pan in the back stove and made the fire up. There was smoke bellowing out of the chimney, this is a sight I absolutely love at this time of the year. Fire all done, so I filled up the Copper kettle and placed that on the stove, so that it will boil for a coffee later.
I am at present waiting for a text message from Tesco, to say when my food delivery is coming. I booked it for between 11am and 1pm, but they usually text me to tell me which hour it will arrive in. Our cupbards will then be full again for a week or so.
Have just heard on the local news that the agony aunt Claire Rayner has died at the age of 79. Claire wrote many columns over the years and appeared on many a day time show. She will be sadly missed. My thoughts go out to her family and husband Des, who she had been married to for some 53 years.
My morning is now complete. I have just won the 3 of a kind competition on Hfm and got my song played. Thanks Dave Irving for playing 'I knew I loved you before I met you' by Savage Garden. You do not get expensive prizes for winning this competition, it is just a bit of fun and it is the first time I have ever come first wooooooo hooooooooo.

Just had this posted on facebook by a friend and in many ways it is so true.

TO NON DOG OWNERS who may visit my home and complain about my Dog...
1) He lives here, you don't.
2) If you don't want his hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture, that's why they call it 'Fur'-niture.
3) I love my pet more than I like most people.
4) To you he is an animal, to me he is my young 'un, who is short, hairy, walks on ...all fours and loves me unconditionally :)

Thanks Phil for that, it made me smile.

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