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Sunday, 24 October 2010

They always comes in Three's (Part 2).

Good morning folks.

Your wondering why the posting is Part 2, well I knew it. I told you everything always goes wrong in three's and I was right. Firstly the shower packed up, which we have not been able to fix yet. Secondly the fan belt broke and last night Keith shaver packed up, so there you go I was right. Still fingers crossed that is the last of it for now.It is an absolutely beautiful morning here at Foxton. We had a heavy frost overnight, but now the sun is shining and although it is chilly, it is fantastic.

The habit of waking up early has not stopped. We were awake at 6am yet again, so I got up and made us a cuppa, which as usual we sat in bed drinking. There was a Tawney Owl calling in the trees behind us, but no one seemed to be answering him. This is the time of the year when Tawney Owls announce their territories. I guess he is the Foxton Owl, and no one had better come on to his patch.Paddy's walk was a long the towpath to the look out point above the
Foxton Inclined Plane, the views were stunning in the morning sunshine. If you have never visited the Foxton Inclined Plane Museum, then I suggest you do, as it is well worth a visit, as are the Foxton Locks. On the way back to the boat I took this photograph of the Stop Lock because the water was so still it looked like a reflection in the mirror. The Stop Lock is there to prevent 2o miles of canal water, from here to Watford Gap escaping in the event of a serious leak.

When Paddy and I got back to the boat, Keith was cooking Poached Eggs and Mushrooms on Toast for breakfast mmmm and very yummy it was too.

Jobs for the morning were discussed and we both got into work mode. My job for the morning after making up the back stove was to get into the hold and sort the coal out ready for a coal delivery on Wednesday down in Market Harborough. I restaked some of the coal towards the front of the hold, so give me some extra room for the new intake. I certainly worked off my breakfast and got covered in coal dust for good measure. It is apart of being a coalwoman and it really does not bother me in the slightest. I am not one for manicured nails and posh hairdo's, which is just as well, because my nails are wrecked at the moment. I have coal miners hands, all black and split. But I would not change a thing. I love my job and all it entails. Keith was on his hands and knees in the galley changing the pump for the back boiler on the saloon stove. He also re-designed the shelf in the cupboard and lagged the pipework. Once all the jobs were done, we both sat down for a well earned coffee. I think that is all we are doing in the job line today, as it will soon be time to settle down for the F1 Gp, even though the local radio has just given the result out on the news. I hope that your Sunday is a lovely one.

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