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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spam and Junk Mail.

Hi Friends.

What sort of Junk and Spam mail do you get?

This is what is in my Junk mail box today.

1). What’s Your Greatest Desire?
This is from TheNovelette.com.
At the moment my greatest desire is that you stop sending me Junk ;0)

2.) Account has time restrictions that prevent you from logging on at any time.
This is from supposedly NatWest.
Duhhhhhhh I am not with them, so I am not stupid enough to open their stupid e-mail.

3). Your Next Affair Is Waiting.
This is from someone called Carol.
Trouble is it is not my e-mail address and I am happily married, so why would I want an affair.

This is from Sex in a bottle.
Maybe I should put them in touch with Carol above ;0)

I am thankfully not the sort of person who just has to open any mail which comes into her e-mail box. I only ever open stuff which I know is from friends. The only thing this sort of mail does is make me giggle and then it gets deleted for good, disappearing into oblivion or until it reappears in my junk mail box.

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