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Friday, 15 October 2010

Trains and People Watching.

Hi Friends.

Yesterday we caught a train from Market Harborough Station to Kettering, as Keith had an appointment with his Urologist.
The news from the Consultant was good and Keith has been signed off, which is excellent news. We know his condition is one which can come back at anytime, but at least now we know how to treat it. We did a bit of retail therapy whilst in Kettering and had some lunch at our favourite Chinese Buffet, Lee Garden. I even bought some Christmas Cards and some lights for our tree. I tried to hold off buying anything just yet for the big day, but they were all bargains and as I like a bargain I just had to go for it. We caught the train back to Market Harborough, having sat in Kettering station for an hour as we just missed the previous train.

Are you a people watcher?
Do you sit watching people, and wonder what they are doing and why they are wearing the clothes they are?

I do this all the time. I love when I am out to sit in a cafe or on a bus or train and ponder about the people I see.
Such a thing happened yesterday, when Keith and I were sat for an hour at the train station waiting for our ride to arrive. A very well groomed gentleman arrived on the platform opposite us. He was dressed in a Black Suit, White Shirt and a Black dickie bow tie. With his pure White hair he looked very distinguished and stood out from the crowd. He was also carrying a tan shoulder bag.
It got us wonder, where was he heading for, was it Nottingham or London?
Was he a band member, and if so was he carrying a flute in his bag?
Keith wondered if he played the Triangle.
I then thought he looked like
Dick Van Dyke, he was the same sort of height, build and hair colour. Keith reckoned he looked like Howard Keel.
Perhaps he was going to some posh party in London, we mulled over all sorts of things as we watched him wait for his train. For all we knew he may have been someone well known and yet it seemed to us that no one else on that platform had even spotted this distinguished gentleman, they were all to wrapped up in their own little worlds.
Have you ever wondered about what people do for a living, just by what they are wearing or carrying??

So here we are at the end of another week and it has been a busy day for us so far. Keith took the trolley down to Brandon's the tool hire company and bought a new Gas bottle. Gas has certainly gone up since the Summer it was just over £17 for a 13 kg bottle then, it is now £20, but that is still cheaper than the Marina's and Boat Yards. With the Gas bottle stowed away, we then headed off down into town to get a few more bits for the boat. I also need to collect a pair of trousers from the market, which I took back as the sip broke back in May. The stall holder very kindly got them repaired for me and did not even charge me for the zip. Mind you we do use him a lot for our clothing, as his combat trousers are the cheapest around. As we were at the indoor market, we had a coffee and a sausage bap each. They are made from local produce and are always yummy.
Yesterday evening I wanted a shower, but the fitting on the hose which connects the hose to the shower head broke, so it was a short, sharp shower, I only got my hair washed and then gave up. We got a new hose today from Homebase, so it will be full steam ahead with showers tonight. With all our bits bought, we are now back onboard and relaxing for a bit.

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