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Friday, 29 October 2010

The Weekend starts here.

Hello Friends.

In my previous post, I told you about the collision we had had with another boat and the fact that this seems to happen to us a lot. These days collisions seems to be a part of our boating life. I said to someone the other day when they were talking about collisions with boats, that boating is a contact sport and in some respects it is. But it does not mean people should deliberately set out to hit every boat they come into contact with (Figuratively speaking). Because our boat is 70ft long and heavy with it, we go out of our way to slow down at bridge 'ole's and sharp bends, but we cannot determine what others are going to do, so if we do collide with anyone it is because they are not paying attention to what they are doing or they are just going way to fast. Keith is actually thinking of painting two bullseyes on the bow to give them something to aim at. But that would just encourage some people to be more reckless. If some boaters slowed down before bends and bridge 'oles they would not come into contact with other boaters and then there would be no need for verbal abuse and raised voices. I am not a confrontational person and so would rather say nothing and go on my way. The waterway's are ment to be tranquil and a place to slow down your pace of life, but it is becoming more and more noticeable that some people are bringing the motorway on to the canal. Whether this will become the norm, I and many others certainly hope not. As our paint gets knocked off by other boaters, I keep replacing it until the next time it gets knocked off. Neither Keith or I are paint proud, as far as we are concerned she is just a boat and therefore she will get scratched and knocked. On saying that though, the boat does get polished twice a year, to look after the paintwork. I love to touch it up and keep it looking nice, but not to the extent where I worry about every blemish.

Enough of my wittering on.

It is Friday so the weekend has begun as far as we are concerned. This morning we were wake at 4am. Yep I did say 4am. Infact we had been awake on and off all night. This was due to the fact that Keith fell asleep at 7.30pm and woke up at 10pm, so when it came to going to bed to sleep, he was tossing and turning all night. Not only that it was hot in our back cabin, the stove was working over time as well, which did not help matters. So there was I standing in the galley at 4am all bleary eyed making a cuppa. We did settle down to snooze a bit more and then got up at 8am. Neither Paddy or Marmite were bothered about getting up to early, so maybe they both had a restless night as well.
We did not leave the over night mooring until 9.20am. It was cool, dull and with light winds, so it was going to be an uneventful jaunt. We cruised for 2.55 miles, and arrived at Rainbow Bridge No 62, at the bottom of Foxton Locks 1hr 5mins later.
The leaves are still changing into their Autumn colours, which is quite a spectacle. Shades of Gold, Yellow, Reds and Browns, the colours gladden the heart of such a dull Autumn morning.
After we moored up on the 48 moorings, we went and spoke to Jo and John on NB Acen, who will be Wintering in Market Harborough as usual. It is always wonderful to catch up with their news and say hello to their two lovely Whippets. We have already had people call on us for coal and others who have placed orders for next week, so with the clocks going back at the weekend,
I know I am going to get very busy.
Because we have had a busy week, I have not had the chance to wash the boat down, so she was looking a bit of a state with soot from the exhaust chimney all over the engine room roof. There was nothing for it but to get a bowl of soapy water and give the whole boat a wash down. Three bowls of hot soapy water later, the boat was alot cleaner. I may clean the brass over the weekend. I did make a start yesterday evening, but then it began getting dark, so I gave up without to much of a fight. We are now going to stay at Foxton for the weekend. I do love it here as we get a good signal for both the TV and Online. I also enjoy walking around the Foxton Locks site. if the weather stays dry Paddy will get a run across the fields and I may even take my camera out and photograph the wildlife.
May I wish you a wonderful weekend and I will possibly post again over the weekend, I will see how the mood takes me.

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