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Sunday 5 February 2012

And so the snow came.

Saturday 04/02/2012.

A bitterly cold start to the day as the temperature over night had dropped to -14.9c. Some of the boaters moored with us had ice on the inside of their windows when they woke up, because we have portholes we had no ice at all and were still nice and snug inside the boat. As per-usual the morning began with a nice hot cup of tea in bed, but this morning we also had toasted crumpets, which were delightful. As we sat in bed watching a little TV, I also got the back cabin stove going, to increase the heat in the cabin, which then attracted Marmite to the side bed, where she settled down until I got up to take Paddy for his walk.

After doing the usual morning chores, Keith helped me to get some coal in from the hold, because with snow expected I wanted to make sure the coal was gathered in ready in case I could not get into the hold for a few days. We then walked down into the town, because Keith needed to change an item we had bought on the Friday. It was very obvious that there was a big police presence, this was because they were expecting a group of protestors to stop off on their way to Leicester. Clearly the police were taking nothing for granted, because the same thing happened last year and the police got caught out. On that occasion 500 protestors turned up in Market Harborough and caused problems having been into The Sugar Loaf for drinks. Today The Sugar Loaf closed its doors until 1pm, so that the protestors could not get tanked up before heading to Leicester. Whilst down in the I went to the indoor market and bought 2 brush cotton shirts for £10 from John's clothing stall. I bought similar shirts last year and they wash really well and are still in good order. We popped in to see a friend in her shop, whilst there a coach load of protestors turned up, got off the bus walked down to The Sugar Loaf, found that it was closed, so they all got back on the bus, as we walked back to the boat we saw the coach with the protestors on board heading for Leicester, so what with the pub being shut and the police presence there was no trouble. Back on the boat we settled in and waited for the snow to arrive, which it did at 4.30pm.


Sunday 05/02/2012.


This was the view from our galley window this morning as Keith cooked us Mushrooms on toast. I got up just after 7am to go out and take some photos of the snow which fell over night. We have had between two and four inches here in Market Harborough.


It is a winter wonderland outside and like the child that I still am, I wanted to enjoy it before it is ruined by lots of footprints or before it melts.


The ducks and swans still have their pool in the basin. I dare say they will be getting large supplies of bread again today.


Someone had clearly been busy with this fantastic snowman on the opposite bank of the canal.


Paddy really enjoyed his walk in the snow.


For this photograph he sat and waited for me to take it, bless him he is a good lad. I am not happy about allowing his to run along the towpath without his lead on in these conditions, because it would be so easy for him to run out on to the ice which is covered with snow. Paddy hates water, but when the canal is covered in ice and snow it looks like land to dogs and they will just walk out on to it. Whilst out walking there were doggie footprints on the ice and a fellow boater said that his dog had been out on the ice, which is hugely dangerous. I sent in a warning request to the local Hfm radio station, asking them to ask dog owners to keep their dogs on leads.

Good morning and well done for getting into the studio. Keith and I are enjoying the program.

Could I ask you to give out a warning to dog owners and walkers who walk the towpath in Market Harborough up near Union Wharf.

Over the past couple of days, I have seen doggie footprints on the canal, where they have gone out on to the ice. The ice is not thick enough and is highly dangerous, so it would be better if dog owners kept their dogs on leads. Not only that now there is snow on the canal, dogs think it is land and just walk out on to it if not on a lead. We would hate to witness a tragedy from our boat.

Many thanks

Jo on the boat.

People really fail to see how dangerous it can be. No one wants to spoil their fun, but I would hate to see a dog go through the ice.

I am quite sure I will be out taking more photographs later.

Chat soon xx

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