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Monday 20 February 2012

Welford Junction to Crick.

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Welford Junction to Crick 10.5 miles, travelled in 3 hours 40 minutes.


Last evening with very little going on, I made a batch of Raisin and Chocolate Chip Muffins, which will keep us going for a few days. I then settled down to watch "Dancing on Ice", which was fantastic. I loved the new format of three in the dance off, which the celebrates had to dance alone, then head judge Robin Cousins, sent two out of the three home. On this occasion it was Heidi Range and Sébastien Foucan who were sent home and Chemmy Alcott who stayed in, which in my opinion was the right decision. I think this seasons show is fantastic.

I had the most wonderful nights sleep, so woke up very refreshed. Keith and I enjoyed Porridge and a cup of tea in bed, before I was up and walking Paddy along the towpath on a bright, cold but sunny morning. Come 9.20am we were ready for the off.


We left our mooring and headed off into Northamptonshire.


Because British Waterways has cut back all the vegetation we can now see the sign. It was not long before we caught up with a boat, which has been very rare over the past few months. It was NB Pot Belly Pig, who had passed us late yesterday afternoon. The couple on board, I think were new to boating, because they were at times going painfully slow. Eventually they pulled over to allow us to pass, I said "Good morning" and thanked them. We soon left them behind.


Before mountain barn, we met up with four guys in high visibility jackets, who were checking out on what vegetation still needed to be cut back. The guys from BW and Fountains, have already done a great job at cutting back the offside, but there is still plenty for them to tackle.


The Leicester Line summit, has only one Heron and today he was hiding.


No sooner our bow got close it took flight with grace and ease.

Whilst on route to Crick, I put some sausage rolls in the back cabin oven and made us a coffee, both were enjoyed with gusto, because the cold wind was beginning to chill my bones, even through a padded waistcoat and donkey jacket. With the cold wind came flurries of snow, but they never amounted to much, which was a shame, because cruising in the snow would have been nice.

Having seen a couple of other boats, we arrived in Crick, found a mooring and tied up for the day. Lunch was toasted cheese muffins. The TV went on and we sat and enjoyed "Rooster Cogburn" on of my all time favourite John Wayne movies. As I type Paddy is chilling out in the back cabin and Marmite is laying on top of the gas stove, looking out of the galley door.

Chat soon xx

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