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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Braunston top lock to Bridge 88 Braunston.

Map image

Travelled 2 miles, done 6 locks in 1 hour 30 minutes.

With no TV signal last night, we got the DVD collection out and watched "Journey to the centre of the Earth" and "Black Hawk Down", before heading off to bed.

I slept like a baby last night and did not wake up until 6.50am, which is late for me these days. I was up and dressed to walk Paddy. Caroline was off of their boat walking one of their cats, so we discussed what time we would set off down the Braunston flight. We were quite happy to be off at 8.30am, which gave us both time to get a few things done.


8.30am on the dot, John and I set the first lock whilst Keith and Caroline steered the boats. Today is John's birthday, so I wished him a Happy Birthday and told him I would be gentle on him. One the way down the flight John and I shared the work load by doing alternative locks, which worked brilliantly.


There was certainly no lack of water on the flight.


On at least two of the locks, water was pouring over the top and bottom gates.


It was very noticeable that there was a lack of moored boats coming down the flight. The moorings below The Admiral Nelson pub only had one boat moored there, and the moorings between the first Braunston marina entrance and Butchers Bridge, were empty, and this is where John and Caroline pulled in to visit the Wharf House Narrowboats chandlery.


Having opened the bottom gates on the last lock, Keith and Caroline bought the boats out together, whilst John and I shut the gates behind them. We then stepped on to our boat and said our farewells. As we were about to go out of sight we gave them a final wave as they moored up and we carried on to the Midland Chandlers mooring.


Keith wanted to pick up a few bits & pieces, so whilst he was in the shop, I got a scuttle of coal from the hold and relit the back cabin stove. I did not light it before we set off, because I did not want to smoke Caroline out on the way down the flight. With the fire lit and Keith back from his shopping trip, we set off up the Oxford Canal, to the mooring just passed Bridge No.88, this proved to be well timed as the much needed rain had started and the wind was beginning to get up. All moored up and in the warm, it is now raining heavily which is fantastic, this is just what is called for.

TV signal fantastic, including Film4, so we may just enjoy wall to wall films, because there will be no walking today due to the rain.

Chat soon xx

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