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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Opposite Stretton Boatyard, north of Brewood, Shropshire Union canal to Penkridge.

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 Travelled 20.1 miles, worked 8 locks in a time of 8 hours 50 minutes.

We did not make an early start because we were heading to Wheaton Aston for diesel at Turners. Despite having a later start we were still awake very early, so got up and got jobs done, I also made a Lamb Stew which would spend all day cooking slowly in the back cabin stove. Keith did us both Marmalade on Toast for breakfast.


At 8.40am we set off from our overnight mooring, leaving Sarah and Jim on their boats Chertsey and Bakewell. We would see them on the way back. We made it to Wheaton Aston Lock, where I worked, whilst Keith steered the boat. We had our first sighting of the new Canal and River Trsut logo on one of the BW vans.


A BW worker arrived to clear the debris banking up behind the lock gate.

We pulled in at Turners to fill our diesel tanks. Turners is one of the cheapest places on the cut for diesel, we ended up taking on 477.2 litres of diesel at 77.9 pence a litre, I will leave you to do the maths, all's I know is we saved ourselves a lot of money by coming to turners to fill up.


Having finished filling up with diesel, we reversed back through the bridge 'ole, at 10.15am we then winded and moored up on the sanitary station to empty a cassette, take on water and get rid of rubbish. I walked back up to the lock and set it for us after another boat had gone up in front of us, we were to over take them further up the canal after they pulled in to let us pass. Back at Stretton Wharf, Sarah and Jim were working on their boats Chertsey and Bakewell, so we got to have a quick chat with them, wishing them a good summer before me carried on towards Brewood. At Brewood not only were we constantly on tick over passing all the moored boats, there was also a fishing match taking place.


On our way again at cruising speed, I got on with making us some lunch and a coffee, I also checked on our Lamb Stew, which was cooking nicely. It seemed to take an age to get to Autherley Junction because of lots of moored boats along the way, but we eventually arrived there at 1.30pm


We turned back on to the Staffs and Worcs Canal and found we had a plastic cruiser behind us, so we allowed it to pass, as it would be much quicker than us and with the narrows coming up we felt he should go first. Thankfully we did not meet anyone in the narrows.


It was lovely to see we were not the only ones enjoying the cut today. These youngsters were having a whale of a time.

kingfisher 3

This little chap happily sat and allowed me to photograph it. I am a huge fan of the Kingfisher.


We arrived at Gailey and the 3rd lock of the day, as the sun was beginning to set.

By the time we reached Robaston Lock the sun was beginning to set and we had a boat coming in the other direction, as the lock was empty I opened the gates ready for them to enter the lock. As I worked the lock for us, I stood and watched the sun setting, with the noise of the M6 behind me. The stunning sight of the sun setting, drowned out the noise of the traffic. Whilst we carried on, I fed Mog and Dog.


Having done Otherton Lock we made our way to the 48 hour moorings at Cross Keys Bridge. We moored up in front of Monarch and Grimsby belonging to Viv and Simon. It was another long and yet rewarding day. By the time we stopped it was 6.10pm, so Keith took Paddy for his evening walk and I dished up our Lamb Stew and Dumplings, which was much needed after such a long day. I have a feeling we will be in bed early again tonight, because I know I am shattered.

Chat soon xx

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