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Saturday 25 February 2012

Old Bridge 26, North of Nuneaton to near Amington golf course, east of Alvecote marina.

Map image

Travelled 10.6 miles, worked 11 locks in 5 hours 35 minutes.

I had a peaceful nights sleep and woke early completely refreshed, so was ready for the day ahead, which began with getting the back cabin stove fire going again, as it had been shut down over night, Paddy then got his walk along the towpath towards Valley Cruisers hire boat company, in the early morning sunshine. It had been a chilly night and I could still feel the chill in the air. When we got back to the boat, we all had breakfast including mog and dog, I then gathered some coal out of the hold for the back cabin fire.

With all the usual morning jobs done by 8.20am we were already for the off. We passed by Valley Cruisers and on past Hartshill BW yard. BW have been doing some pilling on the offside, where the bank had collapsed.


We seemed to be the only boat on the move.


We made it to the top of the Atherstone flight, I stepped off of the boat at the bridge 'ole to set the first lock, from then on all the way down to the eighth lock they were all against us. At the eighth lock we met a boat coming up and whilst they exited the lock, we had a quick chat. The rest of the flight was quiet and plenty of water to be had. At the bottom of the flight the Rover Anker converges with the canal from the east. As far as the eye can see it is Arable land and lots of Oak trees. We passed by Grendon dry dock.


It was then onward through Polesworth and Pooley Hall and Country Park. You really do get a feel for the past with all the spoil heaps, which are now scrub land and turned over to mother nature.


As we approached Alvecote Marina, I took yet another photograph of the remains of Alvecote Priory. I have lost count on how many photos I have taken of the Priory.


Our first thought was to moor up opposite The Samuel Barlow, but with only one mooring to be had and a fisherman on it, we decided to keep going.


We carried on a short distance to just before the pipeline bridge, and moored up opposite Amington Golf Course, where men were hitting balls around for fun in the afternoon sunshine.

Since mooring up it seems every man, woman and their dog are out either boating, walking or cycling. The sunshine has bought them all out. As I type this dinner is cooking in the back cabin stove, I am going to make a Chicken and Mushroom pie. Marmite is sitting on the step in the back cabin, Paddy is lying by my feet, the TV is on and both Keith and I feel it is time to put our feet up.

Chat soon x

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