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Monday 13 February 2012

Frantic couple of days.

Sunday 12th February.

It was not a day of relaxation for me, it was a day of cleaning and titivating. With the towpaths being covered in snow, we and I include the dog in the we, have dragged the snow into the boat despite wiping our feet, this is a lesson Paddy has not mastered yet and at the age of 8 years old I do not suppose he ever will, so the floors were swept and mopped with my new Addis Twist Mop, which works a treat. The bathroom got a Spring clean, this included the tiles on the wall and floor. By the time I had finished it was sparkling for all of five minutes. Next to get my attention was my clothes cupboard in the back cabin, which needed tidying and sorting. I have a policy when I buy something new, something old must go and in this case it was two of my old shirts, which became rags.


With a nice tidy cupboard, it was time to make some lunch and to sit down and watch a Sunday afternoon movie. Whilst I was busy with tidying the boat, Marmite found it all to much to watch, so spread herself out in the back cabin and relaxed.


So Sunday was a busy day for me.

Today being Monday it has also been a frantic day. Frantic for the reason that we went in search of our ever increasing mound of lost post, which I mentioned in a previous posting BLOG. I had this theory that with us only being one of three with the same post code, the postman must have delivered out post to one of the other addresses. Before we went on the mail trail, we popped down into the town to buy some storage boxes for our stock of goodies for sale. Back at the basin we then set about discovering where our six missing pieces of mail had flown off to. I thought maybe one of the other addresses had our mail and luck had it that a gentleman living in one of the houses was loading stuff into his car.I asked him. "Has the postman delivered anything to you that does not have your name on". He went off to check and came back with two of our missing letters Yayyy. He then said he would keep an eye open for anything else, and put it in our box. My other thought was the mail be in the house next door, which was now empty, so we headed to the hire boat office to see if they had a key, because it was a British Waterways house, only to be told they did not have a key and we would have to contact the company looking after the house.(Drat). However there were two items of post for us at the office, which included our voting mail for the new Canals and Rivers Trust. Whilst we contemplated our next move to find the two remaining items of lost post, we sat outside the office and waited for the postman to arrive, so we could show him exactly where our mail should be put. We sat and we sat. We waited and we waited, but no postman. Keith was now getting cold, so he headed back to the boat with our storage boxes. I carried on waiting for the elusive postman, but by the time it hit midday I was also cold, so went back to the boat for a warm and some lunch. Lunch over, I headed out again to see if he was about and was told he had been grrrr missed him by minutes. The last two items of post we are missing are our driving licences, which is a real pain in the behind, because we have contacted the DVLA and they will send out another licence for both of us, but if the flippin postman does not know where to put them, we will never get them. So although we have some of our post, we are still waiting to get the remainder of it and I will be out looking for the postman again tomorrow. Back on the boat, I set about putting our stock items into their new storage boxes and Keith went off down the town to the bank.

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted just reading this hahahaha. My day has finished with us taking onboard our Tesco food delivery, which Keith helped me with, because the towpath is still lethal, and I did not feel comfortable wheeling a heavy trolley along it. I have just finished putting the food away, so the fridge, freezer and cupboard are all full again, the Canal and Rovers Trust voting form has been filled in ready for posting tomorrow and I am now going to sit down and relax until dinner time.

Chat soon.

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