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Monday 6 February 2012

Trip to Leicester.

There is still snow on the ground and fog was lingering in the air, but we decided that we would probably take the bus into Leicester, but this would only happen if my delivery of bunting arrived from Parcel Force. I had kept a track of my order and it was on the lorry ready to be delivered, but I did not know what time, so having walked Paddy, done the morning chores, Keith and I walked up to the hire boat office to wait for my delivery. As we walked around the basin Malcolm who helps to run the fleeted shouted across that a parcel had arrived, yayyyyy no standing out in the cold to wait for my parcel, sure enough it was a large box full of bunting for this seasons selling fest. We collected the boxes and took it nice and steady back to the boat, because it was slippery under foot. I then did a quick change out of my boating gear and into something a little more lady like. We were then off down the towpath again to the bus stop. The X7 arrived 15 minutes late at 10.30am, but that was understandable considering the weather conditions. Keith handed over £10 for two days tickets and we took our seats. It is 12 miles to Leicester, because it goes up hill and down dale, but we did eventually arrived in Leicester. We had a wander around the outdoor market, to see if there was any red rose material, which there wasn't but there was something close, but it was sods law because the gentleman only had 4 metres of it and I wanted 5 metres grrrrr. Having wandered around a little more just browsing, we spent three quarters of an hour in Dominoes toy shop which has 3 floors.


Each floor is stuffed with toys, some of which bought back childhood memories. Just up the street we went into a Chinese Buffet for lunch as we often do when we go into Leicester. We then went in search of some black socks for me, Primark was my final destination, I do so love that store. Before heading home on the bus we went into the Silver Street cafe for a coffee.

It was a lovely day out even if it was foggy and damp. We are now back on the boat in the warm. This evening the temperatures could drop below 0 degrees, and if this is the case it is going to be deadly on the towpath. Stay safe and warm out there people xxxx

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