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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Coming back as a cat.


Hi Friends.

Soggy old day. It is definitely milder, because I am back to wearing my waistcoat when going out instead of my down jacket. But with the milder weather comes rain and more rain, plus heavily laden skies, which means no sunshine to warm our bones.

I was talking to a neighbour this morning and he has been abroad for a week. He had a week of sunshine and warmth, which I think all of us would crave right now.

You may remember if you read my blog regularly a post called ‘Getting your just desserts’, where a lady named Linda, had posters put up about her cheating husband.


Well it seems she has not forgiven him, because there are new posters around Warwick.


This time she mentions a dating site, which at first it was thought was fake, but it seems this site does exist and clearly Linda is really getting back at Graham. Warwick still has no idea who this couple are and the intrigue goes on.

How would you get back at a cheating spouse or partner?

With it being so miserable this morning, I was not exactly jumping out of bed and was only to happy to sit in bed drinking my first cuppa of the day, whilst watching the news, which is depressing watching as you will all know, I do not do politics on this blog, but it seems that the world has gone mad.

Once up Paddy and I headed out for our walk and at this point the rain was just about holding off. We like to go a different route everyday, which confuses Paddy no end. Today was pavement walking to keep his claws down. On the walk back we waited at the junction to cross the road a van from a local company passed us and I noticed the driver was on his phone as he pulled out away from the junction, this bothered me all day, because it is against the law to be on the phone whilst driving. Penalties for using your phone while driving. You could get 3 penalty points on your licence and a fine of £100. Your case could also go to court and you could be disqualified from driving or riding and get a maximum fine of £1,000. Drivers of buses or goods vehicles could get a maximum fine of £2,500, so to see this man on his phone really annoyed me as it always does when I see this. My first thought was to go and speak to the company, but instead I decided to e-mail the company. I for one would hate for this man to be involved in an incident, where injury or death could occur, or he could lose his licence, which could ruin the rest of his life. It just takes one careless moment. We will see if I get a reply.

Home and it was laundry day, so with my £1 coin for the machine and a bag full of washing, I walked up to the laundry and set things in motion. There is something therapeutic about watching ones washing going round and round, but I had boat jobs to do, so I locked up the laundry and headed back to the boat, where I sorted out the fire and put the second half of the Sausage casserole on top of the stove to start warming it through, before adding Dumplings. The ash bucket on the pontoon was full, so I emptied the cold ash into an old coal bag and got rid of that in the bin room, at which point may alarm went off to say my washing was almost done. Washing was hung in the engine room and back cabin to dry and a coffee was made. At this point it was a good time to sit down and catch-up on e-mails and social media.

Lunch was the second half of the Sausage Casserole with added Dumplings. I am a lover of Dumplings, I tend to use Vegetable Suet these days. Rain was now huffing it down, so I waited for a while before taking Paddy out for his afternoon stroll. I am non to worried about getting wet, but Paddy hates getting wet, and a soggy doggy on a boat is not pleasant for either of us. Marmite has spent most of her day sleeping in her basket, which was my planting basket, but she has decided she prefers it for sleeping in, so for the time being I have lost my basket to her.


I will get my basket back eventually, because Marmite has fads. On week she will sleep in the back cabin on the side bed, then she goes off that and sleeps in the engine room and her bed of choice at the moment is my basket.


She always looks so cosy in it and therefore I try not to disturb her. It is definitely a cat’s life on this boat. She gets fed when she screams, played with when she meows and sleeps where she likes. I am coming back as a cat Smile

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