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Thursday 12 January 2017

Fruity pud and trees.


Hi Friends.

Hooray, I have my Open Live Writer back. This came about because I have a new Laptop and I am loving it and Windows 10. I felt lost when my Windows 7 would not allow me to use the Live Writer, because it allows me to do a lot of things with my posts. So yes I am one happy bunny.

Have you got it yet?

Well we have not. I am talking about snow. We have had rain, which has been with us pretty much all day. The temperature has dropped throughout the day, so maybe just maybe we will have a covering in the morning. I am like a child when it comes to snow, so I do so hope we are lucky to have some this Winter. I know it is not great for getting around, but it is special.

My day began at 7.30 am with a cup of tea. I love the morning brew, as it is usually my only cup of tea of the day due to my Nickel allergy. Did you know Tea and Chocolate are extremely high in Nickel? I have learnt all of this over the years of being allergic to Nickel. Many people are allergic to Nickel which is in cheap jewellery, jeans buttons etc. You know that feeling when your ears itch or you stomach itches, well that is a skin Nickel allergy. I have that but far worse is the allergy to Nickel in food, which changed my way of eating over 14 years ago. If I have to much Nickel in my diet over a day, my insides get incredibly sore and I can feel pretty rough. So my cup of tea drunk, it was time to climb out from beneath a warm duvet to get dressed and take Paddy out for his morning stroll. Each day I try to take him a different route, because he gets to know which way we are going and expects the same everyday, so I like to mix it up a bit.

Back home, Paddy and Marmite had their breakfasts and Keith and I had ours. Keith was off shopping in Aldi today, which meant I was left to get on with the boat jobs, but before I did the boat chores, I walked up into town to pick up Keith’s prescriptions, unfortunately Keith will have to go back up to the chemist, because they did not have his nasal spray in. So I only half did him a favour.

After a coffee, I got on with stoking the saloon fire and lighting the back cabin stove. I also checked the flue again on the saloon stove, which has been blocking for some odd reason. It has never done it like this before, and it is not the coal, because we have always burnt this fuel. Anyway job done, fires pushing out their heat, I got on with making lunch. Today it was homemade Cottage Pie, with Sprouts and Carrots. For pudding we would be having fresh fruit and yogurt.


Today’s fruit was going to be Banana, Raspberries, Strawberries and grapes with a couple of dessert spoons of yogurt. Keith was soon back with the shopping, which I always put away. His surprise buy today was a large Pizza for just 89p, so we will be enjoying that sometime over the weekend.

With the morning having flown by, the afternoon was spent doing more of my family tree. Today I was adding the Budden’s, Thacker’s and Owen’s. The one thing I have really noticed is about how big the family were. It was nothing for them to have 10 to 15 children and sadly many of them died young. One of the families had two sets of twins who both died. I am getting to the bit now where some of my distant family lived in Warwick. Once I have added them to my tree I am going to Records Office in Warwick, which was very kindly suggested by Caroline off of Narrowboat Sonia Louise. I very much look forward to meeting Caroline and Martin sometime. I am really enjoying doing my tree, but have realised once I start, I forget the time and this means I forget to tend the fire and make coffee etc. Yes it has taken over my life. I am back to the 1800’s on one side of the family and I did find a photo online of one of my relatives.


This is Frederick William John Seaborn and he was born in 1893,  to Alfred Seaborne and Adelaide Seaborne (born Bessant). He sadly died at the age of 47. Smile

Frederick served in India from September 1914.  Military records state a that at the time of his enlistment on 2nd September 1914  his address was 7 Craven Street, Southampton and that he worked for the Royal Mail. He was a Private in the 1/5th Battalion Hampshire Regiment and his Regimental Number was 240708.

From his discharge documents dated 12th May 1919 its obvious he suffered badly from Malaria.
Hosptial admissions as follows:
Cawnpore, India 8/11/1915 to 18/11/1915, Tonsillitis.
Delhi, India 23/09/1917  to 27/09/1917, Malaria
Agra, India 12/11/1917 to 04/12/1917, Malaria
Agra, India,10/01/1918 to 21/01/1918, Malaria
He was hospitalised again with Malaria from 12/05/1918 to 23/05/1918.

A brave man.

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