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Thursday 19 January 2017

It’s a cat’s life.


Hi Friends.

I know, I know you are all going awwww to the cute picture of the day. I did exactly the same. I know for a fact we would never have gotten Marmite in boots and a cat when she was a kitten.

The title of this post is because I think I am coming back as a boat cat in the next life, because marmite has the perfect life style. She usually stays awake a lot through the night looking out of the port holes. She keeps a vigil in case there is any activity outside that she should know about. I suspect she is watching for rats and other cats which come past the boat. We know other cats patrol the area, because I see them most days. Once Keith and I are awake and having our cuppa in bed, she see’s fit to come and pay us a visit. She is mainly checking to see if we are getting up, because in her opinion she should be fed no sooner we are awake. Once we decide we are getting up, she then wants to play sheet wars with me. I roll the duvet up and put it in the cupboard and then roll the bottom sheet up, but usually before I can do this Marmite has dived under the rolled up sheet and is attacking it with all four paws and her teeth and woe betide if my hand gets in the way, she may only have Eleven teeth left, but she still puts them to good use. I have to wrestle the sheet off of her, which is of course a huge game. When she has finished, she them wants Keith to pick up up for a cuddle, this means I can then put the bed away and close the door on the cupboard.

Cuddle with Keith over, she starts meowing and meowing for her breakfast and she does not stop. I usually take Paddy out for his walk, before feeding either of them, so when we come back from the walk, she is sat on the back cabin step still meowing her disapproval at not being fed. At this point I feed her her fish and at last we have peace. It is not as though she has no food, because she has dried food in a dish, but she always likes her fish in the morning and evenings.


After breakfast, if the back cabin stove is lit, she will head into the back cabin and sleep on top of my sewing pile, this is a pile of things I need to either adjust or mend. Marmite loves sleeping on clothes. She will stay there for most of the day, sometimes only putting in appearance when the end music for Tipping Point comes on, because she knows it is then teatime.

Yesterday I emptied a basket with plants in I had been given, I scrubbed it clean and hung it above the stove to dry. This morning I put it on the box beside the fire and Marmite immediately thought “Goodie”. She climbed into it and went round and round in the basket trying to get comfortable. Because the bottom of the basket was rough and uncomfortable, tis went on and on, so me being soft I put my old sweat shirt in it for her.


She has been in the basket ever since all snuggled up and looking like the cat who got the cream.


This will be her favourite place for a few days, she will then get fed up with it and move on to somewhere else. Keith made her the rag rug under the basket, she slept on it a couple of times and now she does not want to know it.


Marmite is the cat that rules our boat and she rules us and Paddy. Paddy put his nose up to the basket and Marmite made it quite clear he was not to come near. She will stay there until teatime and then we will have the meowing all over again until she gets her fish. Marmite is a fish cat, she does not like meat. We tried her on Chicken, Beef, Rabbit etc, but she turned her nose up. No sooner we gave her fish, she was one very happy cat.

She definitely has a Cat’s Life.

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