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Wednesday 11 January 2017

Early to rise?

Morning Friends.

It is a Tad windy this morning, but this was forecast by the Carol Kirkwood on the BBC1 weather this morning. More exciting though, she also forecast snow, but whether we see any is any other thing. I am really hoping the snow munchkins leave a covering of the white stuff, so I can get some snow photographs.

Blimey what a start to my morning.
It all began with a really weird dream. I had been in hospital for a knee replacement operation, which had been only a day operation. The hospital needed the bed, so I was asked to go home, but because they had no transport for me, I would have to find my own way across town. So without crutches, I hobbled out of the hospital and began to make my way across town, but which ever way I went I could not get to my destination. I ended up on a building site wading through cement, none of the builders on the site offered me any help, it was as though I was not there. After some time trying to get out of the building site ended up turning round and heading back to the hospital, where I begged someone to help me, but due to no beds I was turned away. It was at this point I woke up and the time was 8.10 am, which is late for me.
I got up and made us both a brew and whilst enjoying the first cuppa of the day, there was a knocking on the boat. Without even thinking I dived out of bed to answer the engine room door and standing there was a delivery driver, he had bought us our new laptops. What I did not think about what what I was wearing. I was in a t-shirt and underwear, not that I think he was to bothered, I dare say he has seen far worse or better, depending on your point of view. Anyway we have two new laptops. They are both Dells and wow so much quicker than my old one with Windows 7 on it. I am now a Windows 10 girl.
Having gotten dressed, walked Paddy, fed the animals, walked to do the recycling at Sainsbury and made up the fire, we settled down to work out our new laptops.
Before I guide you through the working out of the new laptop, what is it with people, who take their recycling to the bins, but they never actually put their recycling in the bins provided, they just leave it in bags down by the bins?
I call this down right laziness. The bins were not full, so there was absolutely no excuse. Having been into Sainsbury to get a loaf of bread, I stopped at the bins to put the left bags of recycling in the bins. Someone had left clothing which I duly put in the appropriate bins and came away with a couple of bags for life, so win win situation. I just cannot understand why you would not put your recycling in the bins, when you have taken the trouble to take it there.
You should know now, I am not great with technology, so having a new laptop to tackle was going to be a game and a half. Keith and I agreed to do it side by side as he is more tech savvie than I am. All was going well until we tried to load in Adobe Photoshop. It loaded on to Keith's, but my laptop would not have a bar of it. The disc is an old one and has some scratches on it, so I am guessing that is the problem, so after trying to get it to load for more than an hour, I gave up on that and loaded on other stuff instead. We literally spent all of the afternoon working on both laptops and by the end of it I was mentally drained. Still I have most things in place and of course I can update the blog, so that is a bonus.
I dare say over the coming days I will have laptop woes, because I am not good with new things, my brain tends to shut down when I have to work new things out and that is why I only have an old mobile phone and not an up to date i-phone. So watch this space for the disasters that will no doubt occur.
I am overjoyed this evening to find that with Windows 10, I have Open Live Writer back hooray. I have so missed it. It used to work on Windows 7, but then they stopped supporting it and so I could not used it for a long time, but now it is back.
On that happy note I will leave you to go and have a cuppa.

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