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Friday 6 January 2017

Something New.

Hi Friends.

Yes it is Friday and the first week of January is almost done with.

Decorations away yet?

I did mine the other day, because I was fed up of looking at them and the dust, which was gathering around the boat. That is one of the joys of having coal stoves.

I did not make any New Year Resolutions as I told you in a previous post, but this morning I felt the urge to do something new. On the Television they have been advertising 'The Art of Cross Stitch' and despite the fact I have never been that keen on it, I have decided that this will be my new thing to try in 2017. I figured with the first issue being only 99 pence, it was worth a go. I decided all of this in bed this morning, whilst drinking my first cup of tea and watching the BBC news. It is amazing what goes through my head first thing in the morning. So with a purpose to my morning, I was soon up and out with his nibs Paddy. It was another chilly and frost walk, with the temperature having gotten down to -5 C overnight, but there was evidence of a thaw and rain forecast for the afternoon.
Back home and Paddy and Marmite got fed, Marmite as usual shouting the loudest for her breakfast. Anyone would think she never gets fed. There is always dry food in her other bowl. Yes Marmite is a two bowl cat, three if you count the water bowl, but she shares that with Paddy. It is always funny when there is very little water in the bowl, because Paddy will just lick the bowl dry, but Marmite will sit looking at the bowl until I realize she wants water. She refuses to drink what is left in the bottom. Cat's are so strange, but she always makes me smile.
Anyway mog and dog sorted out, I got on and did a laundry wash, because I like to keep the laundry down minimum if possible, as we do not have the room to put it. Whilst my 32 minute quick was on the go, I headed back to the boat to clean out the saloon fire and make it up for the morning. I always get this job, so it is a matter of getting rid of the ash and then making it up with fresh coal from the hold.
Time to put my jacket on and walk up to Sainsbury to see if they had the Cross Stitch magazine in and they had every other magazine for crafts in but not the one I wanted, so I walked into town to WH Smith's to see if they had a copy. I looked and looked again, but could not see it, so asked one of the assistants. He very kindly checked the stand and although there was none on display, he did go and check out the back and came back with a box full. His question to me was "How many do you want?"
I actually bought two, because if I enjoy it, I can give one cross stitch away as a gift. If my memory serves me well, the last time I did cross stitch was when I was at secondary school, to many moons ago to count and I remember not really liking it then, but as those moons have past and I fancy doing something new, this has caught my eye. I have a very good friend who does it and it looks amazing. So I will give it a go and yes you will be seeing my progress.
10 am and it was coffee time and time to think about what we were going to have for our lunch. The decision was to make a Cornbeef and Onion pie. I fry some onions off, add a tin of Cornbeef, which I have chopped into cubes (not the tin silly the cornbeef inside the tin). I then add some Worcestershire sauce and mix together. I then make my pie case and add the filling, put the pie lid on and bake. 

Cornbeef pie was a hit as always and I have opened the Cross Stitch packet, so that is a start. The rest of my afternoon was taken up with doing my family tree. I am going to become obsessed I just know it. But it is exciting finding new relatives. It looks like the frosts have gone for at least a couple of days, because it is now raining, but that did not stop me relighting the back cabin stove, to help keep the damp weather out. 
Keith made himself useful, he got on with drilling a hole through the bulkhead into the hold, really for the electrical cable to go through. This is all preparation for his railway layout.You can check up on his progress so far at this BLOG. Both of us are eager to start, but we must take it a step at a time. 

Right time to stop writing the blog and get back to the family tree. See I told you I am addicted. :-)

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