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Wednesday 4 January 2017

Hi Friends.

Day 4 of 2017 and how is it going so far?
For me it is pretty much as it was in 2016. I look on a New Year as just another number on the calendar really. The only thing I need to remember is that if I write a cheque or anything requiring the date I put 2017 and not 16.

Last night was interesting. You may remember from a few posts ago, I bought the first series of Game of Thrones for a couple of pounds and thought if I did not like it, I had not dished out to much money. Well we began to watch the 1st series and I think I am already hooked. We watched the first disc which had two episodes on it and are half way through the second disc. I had heard so much about Game of Thrones and of course some of it could have been hype. I really enjoyed watching it last night and cannot wait to watch more, so I think it will be worth investing in the other series at some time. I will be keeping an eye on Ebay and the Charity Shops to see if I can get the other series at a reasonable price.

This morning we were minus a frost and therefore, it was a warmer start to Wednesday. Today was the day Keith was having his eye's tested again, because he has been suffering headaches for a few weeks. The appointment was at 10.40 am, so having done all the boat chores, we locked up the boat and headed off into town. Before Keith's eye appointment, we went and bought me a new pair of slippers, because my old ones gave up living after Christmas. At the optician's I sat and waited whilst Keith had all the tests and it turned out he needed glasses for watching the TV. His reading glasses were still alright though. Having picked out his new glasses from the £39 range (we never go expensive), he was told they would be in around a week to ten days. So he may have to put up with a bad head for a few more days. We left the opticians and went down to Torry's the hardware store to buy a new flue brush for the back cabin flue, which is a different size to the saloon flue. For a small flue brush it was £7.50, which is a lot for a brush, but with the old one almost without any bristles now, we handed over the money. It had better last a long time. It was now 11.30 am, so we decided to go to Wetherspoon's for a breakfast, because we had not had any on the boat. As usual the Vegetarian breakfast was really very good, as was the cup of tea to wash it all down.
Back home on the boat, Marmite was making sure we knew she was cold, even though the stove was sending out some lovely heat.
Marmite does not do cold, she does not even do chilly. If she could have got any closer to the stove she would of. I re-lit the back cabin stove and Marmite spent the rest of the day up there on the side bed.
Keith went off on the bush to Homebase to get a storage box and a fan heater, which they have on offer. He wants the heater for his railway layout room, when it is built. He decided to buy the heater now, because Homebase were selling them for £8. The Homebase webpage said they had the heaters and boxes at the Warwick branch, but when he got there, they had neither, so he caught the bus into Leamington and got what he wanted there. Oh the joys of having a bus pass. Whilst he was away, I got on with tidying the boat and stoking the fires. I also sat down and did some more to my family tree. It is growing on my fathers side, but my mothers side is not getting very far as yet. The family is a mystery.
This evenings sunset was a stunner. We are in for a cold night, with the forecasters saying the temperature could get down to -6 C, so we will stoke up the fires and snuggle down beneath the duvet.

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