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Tuesday 3 January 2017

Year of the Tiger.

Hi Friends.

Brrrr chilly old start to Tuesday, this will be the first day back at work for many. Over night it was -4.0 C here and we have ice on the cut again this morning yippee, I love it. 
On my Facebook page this morning a friend put this Chinese New Year calendar on her page.
I was interested to read I was born in the year of the Tiger and actually reading the post on it does kind of apply to me.
People born in the Year of the Tiger are deep sensitive and in-tune with their emotions, thus making them awesome lovers or partners. They seek balance between their domineering and strongly competitive nature and their immense need for love, which both drive them towards seeking independence from love; hence, they both bring passion and open candor into any relationship while also expecting the same in return. They have amazing confidence, though they can be quite shaken or depressed by criticisms at times. They can also be inherently restless. Tigers are best know for their ability to bounce back from negative occurrences, and they are dignified and courageous in facing any challenges, making them great leaders.

I am not particularly sensitive to this type of thing and I most definitely would not live my life by this or horoscopes, but it does interest me when they really do know my personality.

As I said at the beginning it was a cold old start with a severe frost, which brought me lots of joy and smiles, because I love this sort of weather. It does however cause issues for us all, whether we live on the water or land. Thankfully I filled our water tank the other day and it will last us up to 3 weeks before I need to refill. Coal is in the hold so no need to struggle getting coal in. I did go and do a laundry wash in the Arm's laundry. I happily sit in there and while away 45 minutes, whilst I do a quick wash. I got to have a chat with a couple of the Winter moorers we have in till March. Lots of catching-up is had whilst waiting for the laundry to do. Washing done and catching-up complete, it was back to the boat, to hang the washing up to dry in the back cabin and engine room. With both stoves going, the washing never takes long to dry.

After a quiet morning, I took Paddy out for an afternoon walk. Having put on a few pounds over Christmas, I have decided to up my walking and today Paddy was my companion. We walked up the towpath towards The Cape of Good Hope Inn over the bridge and walked back along the road. It was a brisk walk in the cold, I really enjoyed it, but Paddy was worn out by the time we got home, he really finds walking to far a chore these days.

On the radio today, they were talking about a study which has revealed the average Briton is in a bad mood for 1 year and 8 months of their life, which equals out at 5 hours a week!
What makes you grumpy?
I guess the things that make me grumpy are:
1. Bad manners.
2. Litter dropping.
3. Dog poo left on the ground.
4. Swearing.
5. The media exaggerating the news.
Need I go on, but I cannot see me being grumpy for 5 hours a week, life is way to short to be that grumpy surely?

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