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Tuesday 7 March 2017

Birmingham here we come.


Hi Friends and Followers.

Tuesday morning began at 6.30 am with the sound of Canada Geese leaving the field opposite us, where they had roosted overnight. They were heading for the lake behind the Christmas trees, which alongside the towpath. No doubt they spend their daytime there. With us both being awake, I made us the usual morning brew and we discussed the tactics for the day, which included heading into Birmingham.

Having gotten up and walked Paddy, made breakfast and got the fires stoked up for the day, I did some hand washing, which I would spin whilst on the move. We left our over night mooring at 9.35 am, the first thing for me to do was to open the Shirley Lift Bridge.


There is something all empowering when you hold the traffic up. This lift bridge is not exactly quick in its operation, but on such a beautiful morning, I was non to bothered.


Not long after setting off, we had the knocking back and this time we thought it was coming from the propeller, so we pulled over and Keith checked the propeller and this was what we found. We thought maybe the beds were what was causing the kicking and low and behold the knocking did stop, so job done we thought.


The towpaths are much nicer as you head towards Birmingham.


We then entered Brandwood Tunnel (352 yards).


Out the other side.


Next came Kings Norton Stop Lock, which is a Guillotine lock. In the days of the private canal companies, the stop locks were common at junctions, because this meant the companies could protect their water supply from any newcomer who may wish to steal it. The King’s Norton one is unusual, because it has two wooden guillotine gates, mounted in steel frames and balanced by chains and counterweights. These days the gates are kept open. It is sad however to see then written all over. People have no respect for their heritage.


11.45 am we were heading for the junction and onto the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.


Passed by the Cadbury Factory and of course the Bournville station.


Let the train take the strain to and from Birmingham, as the railway line runs alongside the canal.


As we approached Birmingham, we stopped past Granville Street Bridge to empty the cassette and top up with water, before moving through Gas Street and Broad Street Tunnel.



We are now moored up in Birmingham opposite the Barclay Card Arena, but could just as easily be by the seaside, because the seagulls are making their presence known. The YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships are taking place at the Barclay Card Arena at the moment.

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