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Monday 27 March 2017

Where did it go?


Hi Friends and Follower’s

I hope your weekend was a good one and you remembered to put your clocks and watches forward one hour?

I had an enjoyable weekend, with lots of gardening involved in beautiful sunshine. So you can imagine my dismay when I awoke this morning to a chilly overcast sky. Where did it go? I am talking about the sunshine. The weather forecaster said we would have sunshine today, but looking at the sky I think there is little chance of that today.

With more gardening to be done yesterday, we made the most of the morning digging over the bed, removing weeds and unwanted plants, which had not survived the Winter.


In one of my solitary Bee homes a Wasp decided it would be a great place to take a snooze. I did touch it to make sure it was alive.


When we moved onto our mooring there was a solitary Yucca plant, which had not flowered in all the time it had been there. Once we uncovered it from the brambles and rubbish, it has flowered every year. Last year we had four flowers on it, but it made the plant top heavy so we had to secure it with ropes to stop it falling over. We decided that we would take the old big Yucca out, because it was unstable. Keith was tasked with sawing the trunk and I got the job of holding onto the rope holding it in place. At the appropriate moment, I gave it a swift pull and the old Yucca was no more, but we do still have four younger plants, so look forward to seeing if they will flower in the future. Anyone who has had or has a Yucca will know that the point on the end of the leaves are deadly, they are like daggers and can cause a nasty injury. Last year I got spiked in the head and that was painful for days. Whoever had this garden before us liked spikey plants. We have not only the Yucca, we also have Pyracantha and Mahonia. The Mahonia got a hair cut as well.


I have had a nest box in the Mahonia for a couple of years and I know that a Wren has over Wintered in the nest box, so I had never cleaned it out. But with me trimming the bush back, I thought I would give the box a Spring clean. Above is the old nest I pulled out. Such a beautiful creation. I have put the nest box back and hopefully it will get used again by something. After lunch we did a little more digging and moving of fruit bushes, before calling it a day and watching the first F1 race from Australia. The result was not the one we would of wanted, but a good race nevertheless. Our evenings entertainment was at the local pub for the quiz night. That did not go to well, we were second from bottom, but it was a good evening and a pint is always welcome.

So here we are, it is Monday and the sun has not appeared. I took the opportunity to turn up a pair of cords for Keith, cook two beef mince dishes. One was a curry, which we had for lunch and the other will be a cottage pie for the coming days. The rest of my Monday will be taken up with sorting out cupboards and having a general tidy.

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