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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Wolverhampton and back.


Hi Friends and Followers.

Yesterday (Monday) we said goodbye to the Black Country Living Museum and headed off for Wolverhampton.

Coseley Tunnel is an amazing structure, it is just sad that people feel the need to scrawl all over it. They have no concept of the history of the Birmingham canals and it structures. We had an uneventful cruise to Wolverhampton, where we pulled into the sanitary station, took on water and emptied the cassette.

We reversed out of the dock and onto a towpath mooring behind Narrowboat Granny Buttons, which belongs to Andrew, but he was not at home. We were having lunch, when there was a knock on the boat. A gentleman asked if we could help rescue his hat, which had blown off as he cycled along the towpath. I tried firstly to reach it with the boat pole, but it was just out of reach and with the wind blowing, it was moving to the offside, so I got the grappling hook and between Keith and I we tried to get the man’s baseball cap back, but to no avail. The gentleman had paid £30 for this hat and had not had it long, but we just could not reach it, no matter how hard we tried. He was thankful that we had tried, but cycled off hatless. I think if I had paid that much for a baseball cap, I would have been pretty miffed at not getting it back, but he seemed fine with the fact that he waters of the Birmingham Canal had claimed his cap. After some lunch we walked into Wolverhampton to see what it had to offer, like with most towns and cities, it is suffering from closed down shops, but on the whole it is a lovely place. We went searching for Blooms a men’s outfitters, because Keith wanted some new corduroy trousers and one of the gentlemen at the Museum recommended them and now we can also recommend them. If you want good old fashioned service, then this is definitely the place to go. Nothing was to much trouble, we were called Sir and Madam and looked after to the highest standards and Keith got his new pair of corduroys.

Back home on the boat, we did very little for the rest of the afternoon and evening. ‘Game of Thrones’ is our DVD of choice at the moment. We have almost finished the first series.

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