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Thursday 16 March 2017

Fur Balls.


Hi Friends and Followers.

In the photograph above, it looks like butter would not melt in Marmite’s mouth, but believe me she is not all sweetness and light. This morning whilst I was slumbering in beneath my duvet, Marmite was coughing up a fur ball right beside me on the floor. If you have never heard a cat coughing up a fur ball, go and watch Shrek, when Puss in Boots does exactly that, or I bet you can find a video on You Tube. It is not a pleasant noise and especially when you are woken from your slumber. I am glad I looked over the bed, because otherwise I would of probably stepped into her parcel of fur and having done that a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of doing it again. Having coughed up her present to me, she then leapt on the bed and demanded we get up and feed her. Yeah like that was going to happen at 6 am in the morning. The only thing I did was make Keith and I a cup of tea. Marmite had to wait for her breakfast and that usually happens once Paddy has come back from his walk. Whilst we are out walking, Marmite will sit on the back cabin step and wait for us to come home, she will then screech at me to feed her, before she expires. This is despite the fact she has dried food in her bowl at all times. This little madam likes her tinned fish and nothing will stop her demanding it or your attention. Once she is fed and has had her morning wash, she will then retire to fed for the day, until 4.45 pm when she will begin to ask for her tea. He meowing will go on till 5 pm when she will get fed alongside Paddy, who just sits and waits in silence. I think he realises with all the noise Marmite makes, he would not get a woof in either way, so he will sit and wait until it is his turn and then wags his tail in appreciation. Demanding cats are known to be, but blimey Marmite takes it to the top and then some.

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