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Thursday 30 March 2017

Thursday Feeling.


Hi Friends and Followers.

Yes as the title of the post say’s it is Thursday and we are still at home on our mooring, with lots of jobs getting done. We are still waiting for the Generator to be fixed, but whilst we wait it means I can get on with other jobs. The weather forecaster this morning, said we would have sunshine today, so me taking him at his word, decided to get a large white’s wash done. Basically anything that was white got washed and freshened up. It seems the weather did not actually hear the weatherman this morning, because it rained for most of the morning, but I still got on with the wash and hung it out on the line after lunch, when the sun did finally put in an appearance, which was most kind of it.


After I had finished with the laundry bag, Marmite thought she could put it to good use, by hiding and snoozing in it for a while. She does love bags and boxes.


I have been busy crocheting baby blankets and today I finished another one.


This one is Brown’s, Reds, Blue’s and Green’s. I thought I would get away from the White’s for a while. Just hoping someone like’s it enough to buy it.

My garden is coming along nicely. With the warmer weather, everything is growing at a rapid rate, including the weeds and being home I get to see it and can tackle the weeds. The main problem in our garden is bindweed.


The Bee’s are out and the odd Butterfly and the birds are singing earlier and earlier, which is a joy to hear. There is something wonderful about hearing the first birdsong in the morning and the last birdsong of an evening. It makes me feel so alive. The older I am getting the more I just sit back and chill. There is little point in worrying about things, because life is for living and enjoying everyday, no matter what it brings. We also have the joy of the nights drawing outwards and therefore staying lighter for longer. It makes you wonder where the Winter went, because the Winter was not to bad at all.

As you all know I am not into writing about politics, I like to leave that to the experts. But I will just say Brexit has begun and I look forward to seeing the amazing possibilities for this beautiful country of ours. None of us knows how it is going to go, so let’s keep it light hearted and embrace the challenge, after all we are British and we will carry-on regardless. Ok that is enough on politics.

This weekend Wasp’s Rugby Team are in Ireland playing in the European quarter final against Leinster, so good luck to the guys. Also playing this weekend is Coventry City football club, they are playing Oxford United in the Checkatrade trophy final at Wembley. Although I am not a Cov fan, they are our local football team and so I wish them well. Cov City have had a dismal season and it looks like they are going down, so to win the final at Wembley would be some consolation. Good luck everyone.

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