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Friday 24 March 2017

Losing the plot.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Yes it is official. I am losing the plot. Something is clearly wrong when you take the dog out for a walk and you are wearing odd shoes. Silly thing was I knew something was wrong with the way I was walking, but even though I looked at my feet, I could not figure out what and then the penny dropped. I was wearing two different walking shoes. One brown the other blue.

So here we are it is Friday and the weekend has begun in my opinion. Task list for the day. Get a laundry wash done and hang it out on the rotary line, to blow in the chilly breeze. Don’t you just love seeing washing blowing in the breeze? I love to see a line of washing blowing in the breeze, more than a rotary line of washing. For some reason a long line of washing is a beautiful thing. So after watching the news in bed with a cuppa, it was up and about and walking the dog with the odd shoes on. Paddy could of told me I was wearing the wrong shoes, but no he just wanted me to look stupid. I do so love our laundry room in the Arm. we have three washing machines, three tumble driers and a spin drier, it is a brilliant room. To do a quick wash it only costs £1, and only takes 32 minutes. Once my washing was done, I got the pleasure of hanging it out on the line. But whilst in the laundry I like to wipe down surfaces and machines, sweep the floor and do a general tidy. Now maybe you can answer this, if you use a tumble drier. Do you clean out the filter, before you leave the machine? On the odd occasion I have used driers, I have always cleaned the filter out after I have used the machine. Mainly because I do not think others should have to clean them after me. All three filters were full of fluff and it looks like they had not been cleaned for a while. Why would you not clean the filter? For starters the drier works better with a clean filter and I would not want anyone else having to get rid of my fluff. I do find it annoying that people do not clean up after themselves grrrrr.

Back on the boat, it was coffee time and fire stoking time. In the mornings I like to have a coffee and catch-up with my E-mails and Facebook. I always look in my Junk Mail and giggle at some of the rubbish I get. I do not need to extend my manhood, nor do I need to help my erectile dysfunction. I do not need house insurance or double glazing. None of my Junk Mail applies to me ever, but it can make me giggle.

The morning sped along and soon it was lunch time and today we had homemade Beef and Mushroom pie with Roast Potatoes and vegetables with fruit and yogurt to follow. To work of such a scrummy lunch, I got out my gardening gear and went and started on the Arms car park beds.



After I had start, Keith came out to give me a hand, so we soon got the first long bed done. Lots of weeding done and the soil forked over. It looks a lot better already.


An early caterpillar was feeding on Borage, so we left him to it, even though I had planned to dig it up.


Our first Ladybird of the year came out to warm itself in the afternoon sunshine.

Having worked on the Arms flower beds today, I plan on doing our own garden over the weekend, as the weather is set fair.

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