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Saturday 4 March 2017

Moving on.


Hi Friends and Followers.

Yes I know I am sorry I did not post on Friday, but that was because we had a dreadful signal and the weather was rubbish as it rained all day. So we had that Friday feeling, which most definitely came having run the generator Thursday evening only to find it cut out after 45 minutes. Now we thought we had sorted the problems out on the mooring, but clearly this was a new problem, because she started first time, which was a plus, but after 45 minutes nothing. Me being me I said “No problem we can sort this out on the move”. So Friday morning, we stripped the shelving out and gave the generator a new oil filter and oil change as she was due one anyway, we like to do this every 200 hours. We also cleaned out the air filter box, because that was a bit dirty. Having done all of that without to much of an issue, we started the generator up and woo hoo she ran quite happily for an hour, so fingers crossed we have sorted the problem out. For the rest of the day I did very little, I got on and did crocheting and more crocheting really, with walking the dog in between times and getting back to the boat up to my ankles in mud. Ok yes I am exaggerating a little, bit I was plastered lets say that.

But with a brand new day comes sunshine and blue skies, which is what we woke up to this morning (Saturday). Normally we do not move at weekends but with it being so lovely we made the decision to head up the Lapworth flight.


We cruised past Tom O’ the Woods, where there was a tree down across three quarters of the canal and towpath, but we managed to creep through. I have reported it to C&RT.


Onward to Kingswood Junction.


Keith did the first few locks. At the bottom lock the paddle gear was loose on the offside, which I have also reported to C&RT.


I then got to take over for a few locks, to get my hand back in. I have not steered through locks since last year, so it was good to get my hand on the tiller again and although I say it myself, I did not do bad. I do have issues with length (No jokes please), but I got my eye in and was quite at home.


Keith was going ahead and setting two locks ahead of me and I was closing up behind myself, it all worked brilliantly.


Keith then took over for the last few locks, he always makes it look so effortless. We got to the second lock from the top and was met by our good friend Jacky, who lives in one of the lock cottages. Jacky gave us a hand with the gates and then went off to put the kettle on whilst we moored up above the top lock.


We are now moored above Lapworth top lock, having done 5 miles 19 locks in 3hrs 40mins on a beautiful day and we only met one boat coming the other way, it was so very quiet out there.

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