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Tuesday 30 May 2017

Back to normal.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Tuesday means laundry morning. I like to get my laundry done early and out on the line. As you will probably know, because I say it a lot, I love to see a line of washing blowing in the wind. We have rotary lines here, which does not give quite the same affect as a long line, but hey ho we go with what we have and as long as the washing is dry, what does it really matter?

Having done the laundry, it was Paddy’s weigh-in day and I wanted to see if they would cut his claws. We have done his claws for all the years we have had him, but of late he has gotten very grumpy when we have cut them. Yes even an old dog becomes a grumpy old man. So I decided to walk to the vets, to get him weighed. I thought I would be so clever and take a short cut down a steep bank. Bad decision in my case because I did not walk down the bank, I slide down on my bottom. Paddy stood at the bottom of the slope and looked at me with that look that said “Mother, what are you like?”. Thankfully the only thing damaged was my pride and I had dirty trousers, which were clean on. To cover the muddy bottom, I took my waistcoat off and pulled it down over my bottom, so no one could actually see what a plonker I had been. At the vets Paddy stood on the scales and today he came in at 15.7 kg, so has only put on point one of a kg, not exactly mind blowing. The nurse said she could do his claws for me if I was happy to wait, so wait we did and then it was Paddy’s turn. He as always when at the vets went into the room with his tail wagging. But that soon changed when a muzzle came his way. Paddy has never been muzzled before, but because of his grumpy nature at the moment, I thought it advisable. This proved to be a good move when the nurse cut one of his claws a little short and made him wince and then bleed. Paddy on the whole was very good really and the ordeal was soon over and cost me £13.60, but at least he did not hate me for cutting his claws too short. Oddly it was £13.60 for the nurse to cut his claws, if the vet did it, then it was £22, go figure? With his paws all sorted out we strolled back to the boat, where I made us our first coffee of the day.

As the day wore on, laundry dry and put away, it was time to think about lunch, which would be a salad, because things needed eating up. This was followed by Strawberries, Banana, Grapes and Yogurt, topped off with flaked Almonds. My afternoon was filled with crochet and catching up with e-mails and Facebook. I do sometimes wonder how we ever managed with out being online. There is part of me that wishes we had never started this modern technology, but they call it progress. I liked it when you walked to the corner of the road and made a phone call from a telephone box. Now you have every Tom, Dick and Harry on their phones as they walk through you having personal conversations that everyone can hear. I still like to hand write a letter, but these days it is all about the e-mail. I guess if the postage stamp was cheaper, maybe just maybe more people would still write hand written letter like we used to do. I know I am sounding like an old fuddy duddy, but that is just me Smile.

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