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Sunday 14 May 2017

Sunday is Baking Day.


Hello Friends and Followers.

Sunday is my baking day and it has been for as long as I can remember. I am not a posh baker, I like to do plain and simple baking, so I would never go on ‘The Great British Bake off’ or cookery programs like ‘Master Chef’, but I do enjoy baking and I am up for trying new things.


Today’s offerings were plain and simple. I made some Raisin Scones. Now these usually have differing degrees of rising when I make them. Today they were fair to middling, but as we are probably the only people to eat them, it does not matter. I love my Scones with Butter and Marmite on them or toasted.


My second bake was Lemon Drizzle Muffins. Yesterday whilst up in the town, I fancied a couple of Lemons off the market as I had these cakes in my head for baking. Two large Lemons set me back £1 and are they large and very juicy, so a wonderful purchase. I think Lemon Drizzle is one of my favourites. You may remember I had the same for my Birthday tea at Wylie’s Tea Room in Warwick. Anyway I digress. Scones and Muffins baked, I turned to cooking Minced Beef, Onion and Carrots, for a pie which we will be having tomorrow. I also made a Sweet and Sour Chicken dish, which would be devoured for lunch. When I am in the mood I can cook up a storm.

Going back to yesterday. We walked into town to sort out some reading glasses for Keith, because yet again he lost his. He was helping a friend on Friday with a job and somehow his glasses disappeared never to be seen again, so we went to the opticians Vision Express to order him some new glasses. Thankfully because we do not buy expensive ones, his new ones will not break the bank. Whilst in town as I sad before I bought a couple of Lemons. I also bought some Birthday cards from a very good stall, which is at the market every week. Keith bought me a bag of Jelly Beans from the sweet stall and we had a natter with our local Conservative MP Chris White, who was out campaigning for the general election. (That is as political as I am getting). The funny thing was, they had been there since around 9 am and at about 10.30 am the Labour Party MP turned up and set up his table on the pavement right opposite the Conservatives. It just made me giggle. Yes I know I have an odd sense of humour. Shopping and chatting done, we had a late breakfast in Wetherspoons, which meant no cooking lunch for me, which of course is always a bonus. On the way home as we were leaving the town, there was a gentleman selling garden furniture. He had a 3ft wooden table as part of his display which was incredibly sturdy. Both Keith and I had the same thought, that we needed to replace the one we made which is not fit for purpose these days, so we decided to purchase a brand new table and this should arrived today. The gentleman is doing a show in Stratford-upon-Avon and so he will drop it off on his way home. I am very excited about having a new table for our pontoon, at least this one will not rock when you lean on it. Saturday was a good day in may respects.

Back to Sunday, the sun which had been out after the rain, left us with lots of cloud, although it was nice and warm. Lunch time is fast approaching and so I will sign off for now. Hopefully I will have photographs of our new table later.

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