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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Lots to do and get done.


Hi Friends and Followers.

I know it has been a little amiss of me for not blogging, but life has gotten in the way. Anyway I am here now and I am fine. Health wise I am in good fettle. My Costochondritis has settle down for the time being, so I have not been taking any Amitriptyline for a few weeks now, which is excellent. I am still on my Omeprazole two a day, which is not a problem. I almost feel human these days. I think keeping busy helps.


Last week in the Arm we had a gardening day, when a few people got together and helped get some of the jobs done in the Arm. Hedge trimming, gardening and strimming were tackled. We had a lovely sunny day for it. Keith and I spent the day doing the beds. There was lots of weeding, digging and mulching done. I made a Victoria Sandwich, which went down well at break time. Come lunchtime, we all had Fish and Chips, they went down a treat. With the Arm being open to boaters and the public alike, it is nice to have it looking tidy. Keith and I continued the gardening over the weekend, we planted more plants in the Sensory Garden Beds and did more mulching. I also got stuck into clearing part of our Wildflower bed, which will be turned back into a formal bed. We still hove our Wildflower bed, it is just a little smaller and easier to manage.

We are still waiting to get our generator fixed. It appears difficult to find someone to help us sort out the problem, but we are on the case and are hoping that we will be back out on the cut soon. We have the bolts for the propshaft, so that is all sorted out. This is the joys of living on a boat, nothing is ever simple, but I refuse to let it get to me. We have a fabulous mooring and an incredible life afloat. But sometimes things get in the way of us cruising. Our main concern at the moment is, we booked in to a festival and we are worried we will not make it, which means we will lose out booking fee and the river licence fee. But that is life and we cannot change it at the moment.


Of late we have been treated to some nice sunsets. I do love watching the sun go down and come back up again.


The work on the Pigeon Box has continued. I replaced the broken glass in the one porthole and rubbed down and primed the lid of the box. It will not be the perfect paint job, but it will do the job. At some point we will need to have the boat repainted, but as long as I can keep the Red going, we will manage with me doing the touching up.

Did any of you watch ‘Mind Over Marathon’?

I thought it was a brilliant program. It was wonderful to see them finish the London Marathon and what they have achieved. Mental health is something that needs talking about. There is nothing to be gained by keeping it to yourself. 

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