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Monday 29 May 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend.


Hello Friends and Followers.

How quickly Bank Holiday Weekends come around and with it the rain. Saturday and Sunday were fabulous, but today we have been told to expect rain, hence the photograph at the top.

Saturday was a day for walking into the town to the market, where I got Strawberries, which were scrummy. I did do some gardening, tidying and of course cooking food, well when I say cooking, we ate salads. Cooking on a boat in the heat is not totally recommended, because the heat does not dissipate easily. I then sat and watch the F1 qualify and films during the afternoon. I also watched on Twitter the live feed from Twickenham the match between Wasps and Exeter Chiefs, which sadly ended with Wasps losing 20-23 in the final, but we fought well. Next season bodes well.

Sunday I was a little more productive. Because it was so beautiful with a bit of a breeze, I spent most of the day sitting outside, making use of our new table.


I finished another baby blanket in burgundy and grey and have begun another one in blue and white, which is already coming along nicely. Lunch was another salad and was eaten out on the pontoon. It is so nice to have a table which does not rock all over the place. To celebrate the fact, I opened the two small bottles of Prosecco which we won at Christmas in the pub quiz. As you can see neither of us are big drinkers, because those two small bottle have been in the fridge since winning them, well not anymore, because we enjoyed then contents with our lunch.

There were lots of people around walking through the site, I think this was due to the Food Festival in town, which we decided not to go to this year, mainly because it gets so crowded and thus we do not enjoy ourselves. I am not great in large crowds, mainly because I am short and I feel shut in with people towering over me, so we thought we would give it a miss this year. I did dip in and out of the F1 race, which was won by Vettel, poor Hamilton coming 7th, but the fight is not over as he said to his team. It was pretty late by the time we packed everything away and retired into the boat. Even Paddy and Marmite stayed out late. Marmite could not make up her mind where she wanted to sleep. It was either on the bench or under it.

So here we are Bank Holiday Monday and the rain has already fallen, which means the garden will get a watering, this is a bonus because it means I do not have to do it. Today was to be a day of watching films on Film4 and listening to the rain beating down on the roof.

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