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Thursday 18 May 2017

So Livid.


Hello Friends and Followers.

You may remember from Sunday’s posting I said we were having a new table for our pontoon. Well the tale of the missing table is now a foot. Sunday I received a phone call from the gentleman we bought the table from, he would be unable to deliver the table because he had an accident and had been in A&E. I was of course sympathetic and said not to worry. He said I would be contacted on Monday to arrange another date for the delivery, which duly happened, a nice lady rang me and we arranged for it to be delivered today. I asked her “What sort of time can I expect my table”. Her reply was “You are first on the delivery list, so it could be as early as 7am”. I told her this would be fine, I will be up and waiting, as I would need to let the driver in as we are a gated community.

Last night I set my phone to wake me at 6 am and I set our little battery alarm clock for 6 am, so that I could have a cuppa before waiting for the table. 6 am I was woken and a cuppa was drunk whilst watching the BBC 1 breakfast news. I was up and out of the boat at 6.50 am waiting for the driver to arrive, so I could unlock the gate. The driver was told to ring if we were not around before 8 am. I was thankful it was not yesterday morning, when it was throwing it down with rain, this morning was beautiful. I waited and waited until 8 am when our site manager came in. Because the gate was now unlocked for the public, I could go back to the boat for breakfast etc. Again I waited and waited until 10 am and then I decided I would ring the company, just to check that our table was on for delivery, to be told by a nice lady. “Your table was delivered at 6.30 am according to the tracker”. I told her this was news to me, because I had been up since 6 am and no one had rung to say they were delivering the table. The lady said she would ring me back after she had spoken to the driver. It seems the driver did deliver at 6.30 am and he told her he rang me at 6.30 am, which was so untrue. Now this causes a problem, because it is his word against mine. But this man did not ring me. She assured me it would be investigated when he got back to the depot, but I would not be getting the table today and a new delivery date would be arranged for next week. So we have no table and I now have to wait in for a new delivery date. Arghhhhh in this the age of the mobile phone, why do people not contact others. It is one of my pet hates, when people do not contact you to say they are not full filling their appointment. There is no excuse these days with mobile phones.

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