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Friday 5 May 2017

It never rains.


Hi Friends and Followers.

You may remember me telling you about our generator problems?

Well we had been trying to find someone to help us sort out what the problem was, but it seems no body wants to work on Kohler Generators. Anyway a friend came and gave us a hand and between him, Keith and a Kohler distributor, we have been ploughing through the settings, wiring etc. We had narrowed the problem down to electrical, but today was the day when we got the news that it was going to cost us a lot of money to put our poorly generator right. So much so that it would be cheaper to buy another generator. When we originally bought our in-built generator it came as part of our Victron package, but the generator was about £8,000. It has only done 1,600 hours over the past 10 years, so it has not worked hard, but clearly it has died. So tonight over an Indian meal, we have decided to cut our losses and buy another diesel generator, but we will not be spending as much money on the next one. We are on the look out for another inbuilt generator, which will feed off our diesel tank, air cooled etc.

Because of this problem our cruising season has been cut short. It is just as well we had a quick jaunt out in March. We are not sure when we will be heading out again this year and we have already cancelled going to the Stratford River Festival. Oh the joys. I am very much of the mind that there is little point worry. We have a fabulous mooring and plenty of things to do on and off the boat, whilst we sort the generator out.


This is our finished Pigeon Box, my next painting project will be the slide.


I am being kept busy with the gardens in the Arm. I stripped this piece of the Wildflower bed and I need to plant it out for the Summer.


The Wildflower bed got a new pathway, the bark chippings were supplied by our neighbour. I went with her yesterday to collect them and she helped me lay them down.


Today I have been building a new log pile for the bugs and beasties, so as you can see I am going to be kept busy, whilst we think of a new plan to buy another generator.

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