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Tuesday 23 May 2017

The World We Live In.


Dear Friends and Followers.

I am not normally one for posting about such things, but when we woke up this morning to the tragic news coming from Manchester, it made me weep. I like you can only imagine what those poor people have and are going through. What is wrong with our world today, we are all doing our utmost to destroy the world we live in and the people. I cannot for the life of me get over the fact that amongst the carnage are children who will never see another Birthday, Christmas or the smiles from their parents as they grow up in to law abiding adults, who go onto have children of their own.

This afternoon I was on my Facebook page and as you can imagine Manchester is all over the news and online. A friend of my posted this and I had never even considered any of this.

Just saw this dates of recent attacks look at the dates
Do you have a major public event booked on 22-07-17???
may be worth reconsidering!!
Lee Rigby - 22-05-2013
Brussels attack - 22-03-16
Munich attack - 22-07-16
London attack- 22-03-17
Manchester attack- 22-05-17

I am sure like me you were stunned into silence and I have felt miserable all day, as I think of all those who have died and are still fighting for their lives. I have no sympathy for the person who did this despicable act, but they have a family out there somewhere, what must they be going through?

I am of the opinion no matter what people throw in our way, she should never give into these acts, because that is giving in. But I can see how it will scare many.

Stay strong, stay united and do not give in.

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