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Wednesday 17 May 2017



Hi Friends and Followers.

We have been enjoying the sunny, warm weather for the past couple of weeks and now it has come to an end and everyone is moaning, well when I say everyone I am not moaning, because rain has been needed. The gardens and farmers are saying thank you, as are the canals and reservoirs. This morning I woke to the sound of rain stomping on the back cabin roof and the sound of it dripping in through the Pigeon box. We have not put the foam back on the ridge to stop the rain dripping in, but hey ho never mind that is a job for a dry day. With a cup of tea in hand and the warm of the duvet, I watched the weather forecast and it was saying wall to wall rain for the day, so this got me thinking about plans for the day. It was definitely not a gardening day, but Paddy still needed walking and boat jobs still had to be done, the rain never stops jobs being done on our boat. Once up and about, Paddy was the first to get wet, which of course did not amuse him in the slightest. Paddy hates getting wet, he does not even walk through puddles, so you can imagine his face when he jumped up the back cabin steps and was hit by the rain. Now he thought he would get away with a quick walk, do his business and back to the warmth of the boat, but I had other ideas, because otherwise he would do no exercise at all. I took him on his normal morning stroll and then he was allowed back to the boat for his breakfast with Marmite, who was sitting in the back cabin screaming for food as always.

Yesterday we had the fantastic news that Keith had become a Great-Uncle again. One of his Nephews and wife had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, so I wrapped up two baby blankets I had crocheted and decided rain or no rain I was going to the Post Office to post them off. There is something so refreshing about walking in the rain when it is warm and even though I got wet, I really did not mind. Blankets posted and new wool bought for more blankets, which I need to make to restock my box, I was soon back at the boat and coffee was made. With lunchtime fast approaching, I put on the veggies, potatoes and the last of the meat pie was warmed in the oven. Rhubarb crumble was also heated through for pudding.

Of late some of our dear friends have made the decision to sell their boats and head off to pastures and adventures new. Two of those friends are Jan and Tom on narrowboat Waiouru. Jan and Tom are heading back to Australia to begin a new adventure.


There boat is up for sale at ABNB. We have so loved meeting up with them both and you can always be assured that we can talk the leg off a donkey over tea and cake. It is so sad to see them returning home, but we look forward to seeing their new adventures on their blog and keeping in touch with them. It is always sad to see friends leave the cut, but for many life afloat was only ever going to be a short-term thing. We have had friends who have cruised the whole system and then sold their boats. We have had friends who have tried life afloat and found it was not for them and then there are those friends who will never leave the canal, because it is in their blood or they just cannot imagine living within brick walls again like us. I have always said nothing would get me off of our boat, it is our home. But you should never say never, because no one knows what is around the corner. The only reason we could ever see ourselves coming off the cut would be due to ill health, where it meant it was impossible to stay afloat. Of course these days the cut is for all walks of life and all physical ability, so the cut will be home for the rest of our days hopefully.

It is now 3 pm and it is still pouring down with rain. The pond is now full and the plants look like they are definitely having a good old drink. It has been so quiet in the Arm today. The only movers were a hire boat, who had no choice but to set off in the rain. None of them looked equipped for the drenching they were going to encounter. Oh the joys of being a hirer on a wet day. That brings back special memories of my first time on a narrowboat. We hired from Middlewich narrowboats and on the first day of cruising it rained stair rods all day. I worked 27 locks in that poring rain. At the end of the day Keith said to me “That must have put you off boating”. I think my reply surprised him, I said “No way, I have loved every moment of it”. That still applies to today and I will never stop loving my life.

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