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Monday, 23 July 2012

Bugsworth Basin to New Mills.

Map image

Travelled 2.9 miles, worked 1 swing bridge in a time of 1 hour 45 minutes.


We left our mooring in Bugsworth Basin at 9am, said "Cheerio" to David and Elaine on NB Patience, who we will see again along the way.


We stopped off at the sanitary station, to get  rid of rubbish, empty cassette and fill up the water tank, our hose has sprung another leak, so we will need to replace it at some point, as we keep chopping off the leaky bits.

At 9.30am we left the sanitary station and headed for the junction where we turned left at 9.40am in brilliant sunshine.


Just before reaching the junction, there are some moorings on the offside, where a plastic cruiser is in danger of sinking, the only thing stopping it is the fact that it is tied to rings with bits of blue string, but once they go, the boat will go under, so we have photographed it and sent the photographs to the Canal and River Trust. I did also note that the boat is not licenced.


It was an absolute pleasure to cruise in the sunshine. We made it through Carr swing bridge.


In no time at all we were at New Mills and passing the Swizzels Matlow sweet factory. We moored up just after the factory in a shady place.


At 11.15am, I had made us a packed lunch and we set off to walk to the Torrs Riverside Park.


The views were stunning.


The walk is around 2 miles long, and follows the River Goyt and River Sett.


The standing Sundial just down the footpath into the park from the towpath.


The park meanders under the town and the locals call it 'The Park Under The Town', which is very apt.


We walked past Goyt Valley Farm where you can pick your own manure. I have head of pick your own fruit and veg, but never manure.


The River Goyt, looked spendid in the sunshine and showed off some vibrant colours.


We continued walking and found ourselves walking along the old mill leat.


The last time we were here, it was raining. BLOG

We walked part way up the Sett trail and decided to turn around and walk back to the park, where we sat down beneath the rock climbing wall for lunch.


After lunch we paid the Torr Vale Mill another visit.


It is so sad to see it in such a state. The former cotton mill dating back to 1780 and closed in 2000. There does appear to be work going on at the mill, so I am ever hopeful that it will be bought back to its former glory.


The Millenium walkway takes you around one side of mill over the River Goyt. We followed the bridge round and up to the railway station, we then walked up a steep hill into the town.


The town is a sleepy little town, with lots of shops which will cater for your every need. Having wandered around the town we began heading back to the boat.


The main road crosses the River Goyt where there is a fantastic view of the turbine.


Spot the mistake.

Back on the boat, I opened up the doors to allow some fresh air in, Marmite went on her harness and lead and Paddy immediately jumped out on to the back counter. Just as I was opening up the galley doors, I could hear a right old commotion going on. It was Marmite, she had fallen into the canal, and was trying to climb out on to the bank. Keith grabbed her harness and put her on the back counter where I dried her off with a towel. As I type she is still a soggy moggy, but slowly drying out. That is the third time in 5 years she has fallen in and the second time this year. Will she ever learn?

Keith is taking a nap and I have hand washing to do, so I am off to get a few jobs done.

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