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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday at Bugsworth.

Can it be true?

What do you think, has Summer finally arrived?


View from Galley Window

I woke up to sunshine, so I guess we have at least a second day of Summer if we are lucky, although on saying that early hours it was raining. So with the sun out and a cup of tea enjoyed in bed, we were up. I took Paddy for his morning constitutional and Keith got on with cooking us breakfast. Grilled sausages and bacon, with poached eggs on toast, Keith had black pudding and I had mushrooms, I am not a lover of black pudding. As always it was scrummy and went down a treat. Whilst having my first coffee of the day, as I am only allowed one cup of tea a day, I sat down and wrote a few e-mails and of course got up to date with Facebook.

11am it was time to go food shopping at Tesco, I could put it off no longer and with Keith up and shutting the boat up, that was the hint to get going. Rucksacks on our backs we walked to Tesco, which I suppose is a half mile walk, maybe a little more, but it is not to taxing as it is on the flat.


Plenty of boats in.

I did not need much in the way of food, just the usual bread, milk and some salad bits in case the weather should stay hot. Having paid for the shopping and carefully stowed it away in our rucksacks we were off back to the boat. Before putting the shopping away, all the doors were opened as the heat was beginning to build.

With lunch done and dusted and no energy to do much else, I went off with my camera to see what and who was out there.


Upper Basin Full.


Middle Basin filling up.


With no F1 on TV for us and neither of us wants to sit out in the sun, we are sat in the boat which is really quite cool. Paddy is flopped out on the galley floor trying to cool off and Marmite is laying in the back cabin, even she is not sitting outside. It is so nice to have the sunshine and some warmth, but neither Keith or I want to burn, so we will do it gradually. Not only that if I got my legs out, I would blind everyone with their whiteness ;0).


As the afternoon wore on Ann Marie on Alton arrived to fuel everyone up and pump out those who required it.


Brian was off operating the trip boat, so Keith offered to give Ann Marie a hand as she was going to be very busy, with the basins full.


As the afternoon wore into the early evening, I ran the generator to charge the batteries and then took Paddy for his walk, because was still helping on Alton. It was gone 6.30pm before Ann Marie was done and this was when Brian arrived back. Keith enjoyed his time helping out, but he was no longer required, so we said our "goodbyes" to them both and walked back to the boat.

Because I really could not face cooking, we went to the pub for dinner and a pint, which was excellent as always. We got to watch the pubs TV, where we found out that Bradley Wiggins had won the Tour de France, which was a certainty barring an accident and thankfully that accident did not happen. Congratulations to Bradley Wiggins on a incredible feat. Back on our boat we watched a bit of TV and then headed off to bed in a very warm back cabin. It was so warm we left the slide open a little.

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