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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Marple to Fourlane Ends.

Travelled 4.7 miles in a time of 1 hour 55 minutes.


Left our mooring in Marple at 9.05am after a quiet evening.


Passed Goyt Mill.


Best garden shed on the cut, it is an old pill box.


Beautiful views.


Beautiful old tractors.


At Brownhills Bridge No 15, High Poynton, we heard the sound of a horn and were unsure as to whether it was a car going over the road bridge or a boat, but as we were in tickover passed the moored boats, we were prepared for anything and that was just as well, because coming through the bridge 'ole was Tina and Colin on NB Go For It. There is no better place to meet friends than in a bridge 'ole. It was lovely to see them again, we had the briefest of chats, as they were heading for their mooring for 4 weeks and we were looking to moor up at High Poynton, Colin told us there was possibly one mooring we could get into, so we thank him for the info and wished them well as we both went on our way.


Blue top Anne was moored up at High Poynton, but no sign of Stuart. Unfortunately we could not moor up, so we carried on to Fourlanes End, where we pulled in on the 24 hour moorings, Keith then walked to the other side of bridge 18 Grimshaws Bridge to see if there was any room on the 48 hour moorings and low and behold it was empty, so we moved from the 24 hour to the 48 hour moorings, as we want to walk to the Anson Museum to find out some information on our engine and we are hoping they can help.


All moored up, I could not pull the bow in as it is up against something, but the stern is in and that's important for Paddy. We are staying a couple of days, so I will keep you posted on what we get up too.

Since 2008, we have travelled on Hadar 4351.3 miles, worked 2708 locks and cruised for 2184 hours and 25 minutes.

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