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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Last day on the River Weaver.


Yesterday afternoon, with nothing much to do, it was a Saturday afternoon of wall to wall movies on Film4, this continued into the evening. I do so love Film4.

The evening was so very still on the River Weaver that the reflections were fantastic. At 10.30pm I sat in the engine room doors and just listened to the birds saying "Goodnight" to each other. There was not another sound to be heard, which made me think just how amazing my life is. It did not get any better than that.


After watching 'Dorian Grey', I was away to my bed in the back cabin, where I snuggled down under the duvet, only to be woken by loud voices just past midnight. We have a couple of boats moored in front of us and the people had clearly been to the pub in Barnton, because one of them was heard to say "Well if you did not drink so much, you would be able to walk in a straight line". Being drunk on a towpath is never a good think and especially on a river, because if you fall in your going to be swept away and possibly drown because the Weaver is deep. Being drunk and water just do not mix, but nevertheless it is there life, I just did not want them to fall in behind our boat.

It has been a dull start to the 1st July and our last full day on the stunning River Weaver, a cuppa of tea was enjoyed in bed, before I got up to take Paddy out for his morning jolly. Behind us in the bushes a fisherman had his pole out. I wondered how long he had been there, was he an early fisherman to catch the biggest fish?

Back from our walk, Paddy and Marmite got their breakfast, and Keith got on with cooking our.


Paddy was showing a big interest in how a breakfast was cooked and Keith was hoping if he showed him how to do it, Paddy would cook next Sunday breakfast and bring it to us in bed. Keith cooks a mean breakfast, so Paddy could not have a better teacher. After feeling pleasantly full from my breakfast, it was time to get on and do a few jobs. Washing up was done first, Keith then fixed the solar fairy lights, because the ones in the saloon have been getting dimmer and dimmer, meaning the battery was dying, so he had changed the battery for batteries and added a new switch. We will have light tonight. We were going to make a new board to cover the generator in the engine room, but no sooner we had finished lunch and were about to get started rain began to fall, so that job has been put on hold for another day.

With it being a Sunday, there are plenty of boats messing about on the river.


These ones were from the Acton Bridge Boating Club.

I feel quite sad that this is our last full day on the river, it has been so enjoyable and we have met some wonderful people. We will most definitely come back and do the river again.

The afternoon is now wearing on and we are watching "The Italian Job" on Film4, the original one with Michael Caine, it is raining again, but the fisherman is still fishing. I am off to make a coffee.

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