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Tuesday 6 April 2010

Election Fever.................. Bah Humbug

Good evening.

I bet I am not the only one, who is already sick, tired and fed up with the Election. The BBC news decribed it as Election fever. I don't think so some who. This is just day One and I am already fed up with it. 20 minutes of the 6pm news was taken up with the flippin election. Surely there was more important news to cover. We have a whole month of this arghhhhhhhhh. And now it is on the local news. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I think I may hibernate for the coming month. So this is going to be an Election free blog from now on, because it really is very boring.

My day today started with me as usual walking the mutt. He loves his early morning walk. In fact I could have probably have walked him at 4am, because I was wide awake. Sleeping is a problem at the moment. I blame the Menopause, which disrupts my sleep for at least once week in every month. The night sweats tend to keep me awake, so I end up trying to sleep with no bedding on me. Anyway P was glad of a nice stroll. I then had breakfast, which consisted of toast and a cuppa. The fire was tended to, as it is still a little chilly to let the second fire out, especially with K not feeling 100%. I cleaned the back cabin brass whilst drinking my early morning cuppa and then some welcome guests arrived on the Cheese Boat. Geraldine and Micheal had been at Foxton for the weekend gathering and it appeared they had sold a lot of cheese. Thankfully I had contacted Graham on NB Tia (Ecover Boat) and he asked Geraldine to put some cheese by for me. They duly moored alongside, whilst the sanitary station was occupied. I unloaded some coal for them, whilst they gave K our Cheese order. With the Sanitary station now free, we all moved over there and carried on our conversation about anything and everything. Not only did we come away with Cheese, we also bought some Chutney as well and it is all very yummy. Geraldine and Micheal are staying a couple of days out on the towpath, so we may see them again before they head off to Milton Keynes. I have been selling Toilet Blue quite a bit of late, so I made a phone call to my supplier, because I really don't want to run out. He hopes to deliver next week all being well. Whilst I was in the shopping mood, I did a food shop online at Tesco, which should be with us tomorrow. This shopping online with Tesco has made my life so much easier, since K has been poorly. It means I do not have to trudge backwards and forwards with heavy shopping on my own. But I still like to shop for my bread, meat, fruit and veg. I just like to handle and choose it myself.
My good deeds of the day was to supply a couple with a pump out card. They were desperate to pump out, as there were five of them onboard and the tank was full. Unfortunately the office for the cards was closed and they needed a card. We decided to buy some cards and keep them on the boat, in case this situation should occur. I was only to happy to help them out and they were extremely grateful. My second good deed came a few minutes later, when a couple of teenagers, were looking to use the Sanitary Station toilets and they could not hang on, but did not have a BW key to get in, so I opened the toilets up for them. I am not sure they would have made it down the town to use the publice loo's. Would a third good deed come a long?
Well it is now 7pm and nothing so far. Usually everything comes in three's.
It has been a good day in many ways. I even spoke to the gentleman who had been running his engine till late at night. It seems he was unaware of the byelaw, as it was not his boat, it belongs to someone in the family and he was not told about not running his engine after 8pm. Considering it was running till 11pm last night, I am amazed I managed to keep my temper. So I explained to him that you should not run the engine between 8pm and 8am and he was grateful for the knowledge. As to whether he knew or not, I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe that was my third good deed. I always like to see the good in people, as I am not a confrontational person generally. But considering I am Menopausal at the moment, he may count himself lucky ha ha ha.
So it is now evening and I am going to chillout until bed time.

I would like to wish my daughter B a Happy 21st Birthday for tomorrow. Happy birthday darling xxxxx

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