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Tuesday 20 April 2010

Feeling the pressure.

Hi Folks.

The day began oh so well. That should have told me that things would go down hill from then on.The sun was shining and the birds were singing. I even watched a Squirrel and Blackbird chasing each other around the base of a tree, as I took P for his morning jaunt. The plan for the day was to get some more painting done, with the sun shining. So I rubbed down the undercoated bits and brushed on some blue gloss. This is now drying nicely. K informed me that he had been asked about us moving from our berth and out on to the towpath, as the basin was going to be full, so they may need our mooring. He said that he was nervous about doing so, in case of a further attack, where we would need to get an ambulance. If this was the case the ambulance men have said they would not come up the towpath, so K declined the move, which was accepted without a problem. This for some stupid reason really put me over the edge on the emotional stakes. So much so that I was close to crying, which is not at all like me. I must be hormonal at the moment.
Having made Hot Dogs for lunch, I decided to ring the hospital, to see if there was any movement on K's appointment, to be told he was still unscheduled. Which is not the news we wanted to hear. I feel so frustrated for him and in a way for myself, because this is not why we live on a boat. We live on a boat, so we can move and we have not moved now since just before Christmas. Trying to make none boaters understand how things work on the canal is extremely difficult. They have no concept as to our way of life or how things are run on the canal. I did my best to explain to the Consultants secretary that we cannot stay here forever. I would like to think that we will get an appointment off of the back of that phone call, but I know it will not happen. She did say she would try and find out what the situation is and I have said I am ringing her back. So we still have stalmate. I feel under pressure to keep a stiff upper lip for the sake of K. I then went and explained the situation to the lady who looks after the basin and she was very supportive as I fell apart. Which was a little embarrasing. But hey my emotions are running high at the moment.
The NHS does a fabulous job, but not in K's case I am afraid. No one should have to be in this much pain for nearly 7 months.
On a good note, my paintwork is dry now which is good, because the sky is looking a little threatening at the moment. I also got to have a chat to a lovely gentleman who owns NB Brass Buckle, he moors ar Sileby Mill on the River Soar and is moored in the basin for a few days.
Tonights dinner is going to be.

Chicken Kiev with new Potatoes, plus Peas and Cauliflour.
Pudding is homemade Rubarb Crumble and Ice cream.

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