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Friday 23 April 2010

Happy St. Georges Day.

Happy St. George's Day to all the Brits out there. I am British and Proud and yet this country never makes a big fuss about its National Day. We are not the only ones to celebrate St. George's Day Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Macedonia also celebrate it as well. I bet they enjoy the day more than us Brits. It has only been in this past few years that the shops have started selling flags etc. If this had been St. Patricks Dayt, we would have been parading in the streets. What is wrong with everyone??
 If you are celebrating today, what are you doing????

Since celebrating my 48th Birthday, things have been a little quiet. I did nothing much all day on my birthday. K took me out for a meal for my birthday. We never both with presents and cards. We enjoyed a very yummy meal at the Waterfront Restaurant. We both started with:
Smoked salmon, prawn & horseradish fishcake

With mache leaves & caper berry mayonnaise.

And forour main meal we had:
Chinese Pork Belly.

On a bed of pak-choi, bean sprouts & water chestnuts with hoi-sin sauce & fragrant rice.

Having devoured two courses we had no room left for Pud. That will be enjoyed next time. The chef Lee has created an excellent menu, at resonable prices. The food is out of this world. So if your in this neck of the woods go in and sample the delights they have on offer, whilst enjoying views over the canal.

So I am now 48 years old and still raring to go. With that in mind. It was back to the painting of the boat. it is always advisable to keep on top of chipped paintwork, that way it does not get the chance to rush and cause further work. Owning a boat is hard work and yet people never believe me when I tell them. I love hard work and getting my hands dirty, so hard work means nothing to me. On saying that, I have a very creaky shoulder at the moment, which has been giving me some jip, but hey I am 48 what else can I expect ha ha ha. So it is St. George's Day and the sun is shining. Si yep you guessed it, I have been painting again. This time I have been varnishing the side doors in the galley. Because I like my side doors open, even if it is raining, the wood needs protecting. I should add that when the doors are open, we have perspex inserts which stops the rain coming into the boat, but gives us plenty of light into the galley. So one set of doors are now done and I have painted the bow of the boat. That is all the painting I am doing today.

Have you ever fancied something, and cannot figure what it is?
That is me right now. I want something to eat but really don't know what to have. For lunch I made us Bacon rolls with Egg and Mushrooms in them, which were nice, but I am now craving for something sweet. I do have some chocolate in the fridge, so that may have to be it. Other than that It will be the Rubarb Crumble and Ice Cream, which is meant for pudding tonight. I could really sit down and pig out right now................. See you later I am off to find something sweet. Have a great day.

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