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Friday 9 April 2010

Here comes Summer.

Hi Folks.

Ok I know it is only Spring, but it certainly felt like Summer outside today. It was 17 degrees C this afternoon, so the only thing for it was to sit outside and take in a few rays, but this only happened after a busy old morning.
First thing this morning I walked P as usual. He loved having the sun on his back as we strolled along the towpath. Mrs Swan was sat on her growing nest. Everyday she is working hard to keep her nest tidy, as the cob brings her more nesting material. I am hoping if she lays any eggs this year, they will hatch. Because last years eggs never came to anything. This was mainly due to the weather being cold after she had laid her clutch of eggs, so I have my fingers crossed our friendly swans will have a brood this year. Because this pair of swans are so friendly. They enjoy nothing more than taking bread from your hand.
With the dog walking done and breakfast done, my first major task of the day was to do some rubbing down on the boat. I wanted to change the handrail colour from Blue to Red. So I set about rubbing down the handrails and the engine room hatches, as they needed some TLC. With the rubbing down done, the paint was brushed on an allowed to dry in the morning sunshine. Tomorrow I will add another coat to the handrails and hatches. Whilst I did all of that K walked into town looking for split pins, which we need when we strip the engine down again. Unfortunately he did not find any, but he did come back with two bunny biscuits from Greggs, which we enjoyed with a coffee. Having gone online K discovered that Halfords does split pins, so after some lunch I volunteered to walk down to Halfords and get some. It is at least a mile walk, which K is not up to at the moment. Having picked up the split pins, I then walked to the market to buy some meat, and bought some huge Breakfast Mushrooms, which we will have over the weekend no doubt. I collected more of K's pills, which they did not have yesterday. By the time I got back to the boat, I was completely shattered. I know I am not 100% fit, but being this tired after such a pitiful walk is not good. I must try harder.
I received my Waterscape Newsletter and was interested to read about the New Family-Friendly Orienteering Course at Foxton Locks. It sounds like great fun for all the family. You can do a 2km orienteering course, a number of red and white plaques, known as 'control points' have been set up, forming the courses around the area. So why not give it a go. Packs can be purchased on-site at the Top Lock CafĂ© for £2.00.
Also in the Newsletter. BW offers discount on Crick Boat Show. You can purchase a half price family ticket if you are a Boater's Update reader. I do not think even that offer would make us go to Crick. The last time we asked about taking our boat there. We were told it would cost £92 to moor up on the towpath. The £92 did not include entrance on to the site for the weekend, that was going to cost us another £16 each. K politely told them where they could put their show. I personally think it was daylight robbery. We can go to other wonderful shows for as little as £10 a boat. I think Crick is missing out on so much, but charging this much. Over the years all the working boats have stopped going, because of issues.
It has been another wonderful day, even though I feel like I have run a Marathon. The day has ended with us chatting to Polly and Myles from Paws4Walking, they look after pets in their homes, or in their home. They really have a wonderful business. They were enjoying a nice bottle of wine at The Waterfront Restaurant, which has been very busy since they opened 2 weeks ago.
Having just eaten dinner, it is time to know close down the computer and settle in for an evening in front of the TV. Harry Potter is on ITV, so I am going to say good evening and wish you a great weekend.

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