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Monday 19 April 2010

Never a dull moment.

Good morning world.

It has been a busy old time this past few days. Lots of coal selling due to the cold evenings we are having at the moment. This time last year coal sales had dropped to nothing pretty much, so this is an added bonus for us. As I say to people "There is no point in being cold".
I had a delivery of Toilet Blue and Kindling, because I had run down to nothing, which does not happen to often. Thanfully I now have a stock again for anyone wishing to purchase either.
I have continued to be up to my elbows in paint, as I continue to get the boats paintwork up to scratch. I always say to anyone who asks about painting a boat. It is a bit like the fourth rail bridge. Once you get to the end, you have to begin all over again. You really do have to keep on top of the paintwork on a boat. After all when you have spent several thousand pounds on the original paintwork, you do not want to let it go. I also have the benefit of enjoying the fact that I can wheeled a paint brush and seem all powerful. Whilst waiting for the paint to dry, I have done all the usual chores of washing and cleaning, those are the boring tasks which we all have to do, but never speak about.
Does anyone else have this problem?
I have been trying to find someone to trim my hair. When I say someone, I mean someone who does not want to charge me an arm and leg, to take about an inch off. I always have a dry trim, because I have to be careful what shampoo I use. So I have been scouring the hair dressers here asking them what they charge for a dry trim and it seems that the prices vary hugely. One I went into would charge me £15 before 1.45pm, but after that it was £25. Another wanted to charge me £21. I finally found one who will do it for £11, so I will be heading there in the next few days. I think £25 for 10 minutes work is an absolute cheek. If I could do it myself I would. But I am not that skilled yet.
Yesterday was Baking Sunday. I baked a Coffee and Walnut Cake and a Chocolate and Walnut Cake. I love baking and usually do at least one cake a week in the Winter. With the weather warming up, this will dwindle off, because it gets to hot in the galley with the stove going. For this reason I tend to buy cake in the summer months if we want any. The Chocolate and Walnut cake went to the hire company this morning, for the employees to enjoy with their morning cuppa and we have had a slice of the Coffee one, which although I say it mayself was not half bad. Yeah I know, self-praise is no recommendation, but hey if I don't praise it no one else will.
With the evenings being very chilly still, the saloon stove is lit then let out, lit then let out during the day, as it gets a little warm in the saloon and with my hot flushes, my system has been in overdrive. But it has meant that I can still get my stews cooked without using the gas stove, which is always a bonus.
The time is now past 1.30pm and we have said goodbye to Lois and Chris on NB Hilhouse, who have left the basin once more for pastures new. Happy cruising to them both and of course Boller their love dog. We have been down the town, to buy some paint brushes and trundle around the Charity Shops, which we always love doing. It is true to say that the Charity Shops are not as cheap as they used to be. So it is harder to find a bargain these days. I am so glad I did not do any glossing today, as it is now rather dull outside and showers are threatened. This afternoon will be a case of watching the afternoon movie. "The Guns of Fort Petticoat". made in 1957 starring Audie Murphy, Kathryn Grant, Hope Emerson.
So whatever you are doing, have a lovely day.

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