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Thursday 15 April 2010

Would women ignore the rules?

My question is would women ignore the rules?
The reason for this question is on two consecutive days, I have asked men to stop doing something, because  notices under their noses say please do not.
The first occasion was on Monday afternoon whilst walking P. It began Sunday night when I let P put out for his las wee of the day. I could hear a generator running and it was 10pm. I knew it was coming from the towpath, and had a pretty good idea whose boat it was. So whilst out walking P on Monday afternoon, I was stopped by the said boater and asked if I knew anything about getting the crap out of a fuel filter, because he had run his engine to low and had blocked the fuel filter with the rubbish in the bottom on his fuel tank. I parted with my knowledge, which included saying he needed to replace his fuel filter. He happened to have his generator running and so I made a casual remark about a generator running Sunday night and he told me it had been his. He had put it on and fallen asleep. He woke up to the generator still running at 10.30pm. Goodness only knows how he can sleep through his generator running, because it is very loud. I advised him that he needed to read the pole near his boat. It states that NO engines or generators should be run between 8pm and 8am. This notice is in place because there are houses both sides of the canal and we do not want them moaning about the noise. He said he had not seen the notice. I almost offered him my glasses, but instead gave him some friendly advise, that the last person to keep running their generator out of hours, found one generator in the canal and the other one was taken. He thought I was joking, but it is absolutely true, because the gentleman in question told me, this had happened to him. On that note he said he would be more careful in future and so I left him to it.
The second incident happened yesterday. A boat arrived and moored up and no sooner the gentleman had settled down with his cup of tea, a fishing rod came out. Once again there is a notice saying NO fishing. I drew his attention to the notice and with a look of distaste on his face, he put his rod back on the boats roof. Now whilst I am not always in agreement with notices going up willy nilly, saying you cannot do this that and the other. There is obviously a good reason for the no running of generators and engine after 8pm or before 8am, after all we all have to get a long with our neighbours. I am not sure why the no fishing sign is there and all around where we are, but there must be a good reason.
My question is. Would women ignore these notices, which were under the noses of these two gentlemen??
I do my utmost to stick to any notice I see, because at the end of the day they are put up for a reason. This does not  just apply to the canals of the UK. It happens in all walks of life. I am not saying us ladies are perfect, I know I am certainly not.

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