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Sunday 4 April 2010

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone.

I am amazed it is Easter Day and so many people are wanting coal. It has been a manic Sunday morning with people asking for coal and Blue Loo. I thought it would be a quiet Sunday. How wrong was I.
I got up at 8am with birds singing away in the sunshine. Having got dressed in my usual jeans and short. I took the mutt out for his morning stroll, which lasted all of 10 minutes. For some reason he was not up to walking to far this morning. No sonner had he done his business, he did an about turn and started back to the boat, whilst I cleaned up after him, like a good dog owner. Toast and a cuppa were the order of the day, whilst watching the F1 GP. Congratulations to Vettel and Webber on their 1st and 2nd places. I thought Lewis Hamiliton's drive was fantastic as well from 20th on the grid to finish 6th, that was some drive.
You know what it like, you see a job and keep thinking you really should do it, but keep putting it off. Well my brass has been that job. I have kept putting it off, mainly because of the weather. I last cleaned it back in February and afterwards I rubbed Vaseline over it, to stop it tarnishing so quickly. This past week, I have been meaning to clean it again, but of course the weather has not been up to much, so it gave me a good excuse not to clean it, but this morning the sun was out and my excuse was none existant. I started with cleaning the brass on the back cabin and then continued to do the rest. It does look nice now it is done. I have rubbed Vaseline over some of it to protect it against the weather. I just know that in a few days time, I will have to do it again. There is however something very rewarding about looking at clean brass. My reward has been to open my £1 Easter Egg mmmmmmmm, I feel I deserve it.
Whilst selling coal and cleaning brass, I have done a lot of chatting to people on their boats and passers by. One lady I got chatting to from one of the hire boats, was telling me that they have hired for 3 years and this was her concession to her husband. it got me wondering how big a concession should you make towards your husband, wife or partner?
She really did not enjoy boating and yet for one week for the past three years she has gone boating with her husband. She has gotten soaked, done the locks and moaned under her breath, just to keep him happy. Is this a good or a bad thing?
What do you think??
I decided this morning that we would be having a Thai Curry for dinner, so I made it early and stuck it on to of the coal stove to slow cook. The only problem with that is the smell. The smell follows me wherever I go and is making me hungry. Roll on dinner time.
It has just turned 2.35pm and I think it is time to sit down. Enough of the brass cleaning etc, it is a Sunday after all. We were supposed to be heading up to Foxton for their Easter celebrations, but as hubby is not 100% we decided that it was best to stay home. I am hoping that they are having a wonderful time. The weather has so far been kind.

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