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Thursday 1 April 2010

April Fool's Day.

No one can have failed to notice that it is the 1st of April. So like every year, jokes of all discriptions are played out. Some on the news or in the papers and others from person to person. I have never been had by April Fool Jokes. But I came very close this morning, when a friend left me a message on my facebook page.
HI had an emergency some bloke needs some coal, can you give him a ring on 01953887771 and ask for Mr C Lyons love to both x x.
I replied that he could ring me and he would need to collect his coal, because we are not on the move at the moment.
I then got a message back from her saying "It was an April fool, it is the number to the zoo and you are supposed to ask for Mr. C. Lyons. der yer get it !! ? maybe next year x x "
I guess i was not had really this year either, because I did not ring the number. I think it is my turn to get someone next year.
Were you had by anyone???

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