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Monday 5 April 2010

Is it just me???

Good morning fellow bloggers.

It is Bank Holiday Monday and it has already been a mixed day. It started with me feeling everso slightly annoyed at 6.30am. This is where the title comes in. Is it just me, who gets frustrated by people who do not follow the rules. Where we are moored, it asks that you do not run your engines or generators between the hours of 8pm and 8am, this is so as not to disturb people living in the houses close by. Which I think is fair enough, after all we all have to get a long. So whilst many boaters abide by this Byelaw it seems that some people think they are above this rule. I would imagine it was the same boater who had his engine running till 9pm last night. So there I was having a lovely snooze, when I was woken up by this flippin engine kicking into life. My first thought was, maybe they are setting out early. But no 7am, 7.30am and 8am came and the engine was still running. I really felt like getting up and going and asking this person to turn the bloody thing off. But these days you just do not know what sort of reception you are going to get. There have been cases where people have been verbally and physically abused for asking such a small thing. So 8am I got up and took P out for his walk and wouldn't you just know it, as I stepped off of the boat the engine was turned off. Perhaps he thought I was going over to complain ha ha ha. Having been for our walk, breakfast was made along with my first cuppa of the day. It was not long before there was a knock on the boat and a customer requesting coal, kindling and toilet blue. I then offered my help to one of the boaters, who had lost his chimney in the canal. Armed with a magnet we set off a long the towpath in search of the chimney, sadly after many attempts to locate it, nothing was found and the gentleman will have to buy a new one. It is something we do not stock on the boat unfortunately. Having helped him to moor his boat back up, I trudged back to the boat and a coffee. So going back to abiding by the rules. If there are notices put up asking you to not do something, do you abide by the rule or do you ignore it and do as you please?
I always try to abide by a request, after all the notice is there for a reason. But more and more people just seem to be ignoring such notices and it is really annoying me. If you could not see these notices then I could understand, but they are in plain view of everyone, and yet time and time again people are ignoring the requests to dismount from you bike and walk, pick up after your dog and NO Fishing. Time and time again I watch people completely ignoring the signs. If I was on patrol and dishing out on the spot fines, I would make a flippin fortune. Ok Bank Holiday Monday rant over. I feel so much better now for having got that off of my chest. I really am becoming a Grumpy Old Woman and yet I am proud of it ha ha ha.
So today what will my delights be I wonder. I have made a chicken casserole, which is now cooking on top of the stove. That is for dinner tonight with some New Potatoes and Veg, with Rubarb Crumble and Ice Cream for afters. I have hoovered up and must now think about turning this computer off and getting some other jobs done. Right I am off now, as there are things to do and TV films to watch.
Have a lovely day.

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