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Friday 31 January 2014

Day 19.

I had a better night, having not gone to bed until 11 pm, because I was helping a friend with her computer. I slept till 3.30 am, went back to a dozing sleep until 6 am and then I got up and made myself a cuppa.

With all the boat chores done and Mog and Dog happy, I walked to the hospital to find Keith in bed looking very sleepy.

Keith had a difficult night, with his bile bag leaking twice and soaking the bed and him. When I got there the bag was changed for another stoma bag with out a pipe and bag hanging off it, which means it should not over fill causing the stoma bag on his drain to fall off. But it does mean they will have to empty it more often. Will be interesting how many times they will have to empty it over night, because it keeps filling up and shows no sign of slowing down. Keith has been a bit dizzy and light headed today, but that maybe due to the fact he is not eating much. He did manage cereal for breakfast and a little bit of fish for lunch. In himself he is feeling much happier.

As for his new drain, which in his notes say's It must be flushed once a day, well I was not leaving today until they flushed his drain. I had to ask 3 times throughout the day, because the drain was not working, I kept being told the nurses are very busy at the moment grrrrrr.

At the moment the doctor has him down for coming home on the 5th February, but that could well change.

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